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Prerequisites for Ashes and Stars Trait point

The first time I did this, I did all of Eastern Gondor, went to Faramir's Outpost and did that, then got the vector to Osgiliath, once there, I found a random fellowship and we did the entire intro together. However, he didn't want to do Ashes and Stars (I imagine he had kin members he wanted to do that with, so whatever). Eastern Gondor has a lot going for it as a questing area and has nice rewards, so I'm not saying "skip to the end" but at the moment I"m working on getting 79 traits on an alt before U18 comes out, so I feel like I am racing time. As far as prerequisites for this quest series, I haven't found much other than a thread here: which I will quote:

  • If you just quest through the new region (not the epic) you eventually get access. I'm not sure if it requires finishing the entire region or just the osgiliath line.
  • I think you only need to do the Osgiliath quest line - which starts at the culverts, inside Osgiliath. From there, you need to assist 4 rangers scattered throughout the city, and then you should get the first part of the Ashes and Stars quest line.
  • To confirm, I have not done any questing in the new zones (yet). This weekend I simply went to the culvert in Ogli and the NPC there gave me a quest (iirc it was Lost but not Forgotten or something like that) to find 4 rangers. I found them and reported back to this NPC inside the Culvert who then gave me the Ashes and Star quest.

Until I confirm this information in game, I won't change the quest to reflect this. It may have changed since the thread, etc. But I wanted to add a note somewhere so that people interested in the prerequisites had something to go on. If anyone has done this recently, I'd love to know how it turned out.

Also of note: I am unimpressed with the posturing on the threads about "I did the instances at level 50 T1 and it was fine." From what I remember, doing this duo under-level, one of the bosses has a one shot kill touch (yes, even T1), and the trolls, if you get two of them on you at once, you may as well go afk and go get some cookies, because they will chain-fear you until you die, regardless of level 50 or whatever. It pays to have a piece of swap armor with evade on it just for this purpose because you will spend at least part of your time in there facing a wall, feared, with a mob behind you pounding away. In a bona fide 3-man, the fear just causes a healing emergency to keep the tank alive, but trying to solo it, it's a "start over" if they score enough criticals from behind. They usually fear you when there's a mob of 8 on you, plus the troll(s). Even though they're gray-con, level 50 and you're level 100, I don't think they're checking level disparity when checking resistance, if resist is even checked at all, so don't try to speed-run it. Acatlover2 (talk) 15:17, 3 April 2016 (UTC)

Link to wrong Article

The end-of-article boxed link section, Landmarks and Settlements of Osgiliath, lists the Houses of Healing - which goes to the Minas Tirith article. This link should be to the Houses of Healing (Osgiliath) article instead. I do not know how to correct this error so I would appreciate assistance. Thanks. -- Squirmier (talk) 16:15, 9 January 2017 (UTC)

That is a navigation template, and you need to look at the list of templates at the bottom when you edit the main page, and edit the appropriate template there.
In this case it is Template:Osgiliath - you can just click on the edit button there, and it will open the appropriate page. However, you can't see the changes until the page is saved.
I've updated that page, and now all we need is the page to be created!.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 01:08, 10 January 2017 (UTC)