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Slayed Amarthiel at Fornost?

This page implies that Amarthiel and Narmeleth at one time had been totally different persons, and Narmeleth is the one who killed the original Amarthiel at the Battle of Fornost.
I have always from previous playthroughs had the impression that Amarthiel was and always has been a second corrupted personality in Narmeleths body, instead. I am currently not quite so far yet in the epic with another toon to verify in-game, but Quest:Instance:_Daughter_of_Strife seems to support this. The background section is stating this is the story of how Narmeleth became Amarthiel. With this session playing in Eregion in a time when Elves still lived there, this must have been during SA. Thus Narmeleth changing into Amarthiel clearly happened long before the Battle of Fornost.
Is there any actual info that supports instead theory of Narmeleth having been a distinct person (not personality) from Amarthiel and them having fought each other at Fornost? --Godun (talk) 20:45, 4 June 2017 (UTC)