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Post Moria revamp plans for updating page

As part of updating this page to reflect changes following the Moria revamps, I plan to edit it to look more like corresponding pages for older regions where the quests follow the progression flow from when a player first enters the region at the lowest level quest hub and progresses through the content.

This means changing the current format away from Central, Lower, and Upper areas all being grouped together to order in which areas are encountered:

  1. The Great Delving
  2. Silvertine Lodes
  3. Durin's Way
  4. Zirakzigil
  5. The Water-works
  6. Zelem-melek
  7. Redhorn Lodes
  8. Flaming Deeps
  9. Nud-melek
  10. (pending)

This page is not intended to show quest chains each listed separately. For that info, there is the Category:Moria Quest Chains page.
--Shardis (talk) 19:45, 27 April 2013 (EDT)