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Does anyone know what the opening sentence on this page means?

"Every Instance in the Mines of Moria has its own set of deeds, including one hidden deed (finishing all deeds within an instance will complete this hidden deed)."
A) I believe that this page is describing -- not Mines of Moria Deeds, but a separate category by itself relating to Moria Instances.
B) What is listed on the page, I think, are ONLY the Instances found in Moria.
C) Those deeds found on the Deed log under the tab "Moria" should be listed here (or somewhere).
D) It does not list any of the Hidden Deeds implied by the sentence.
E) I believe the first

What I am saying is: There is not (that I can find) anything which ties together the deeds in Moria (pr Moria in general, for that matter). Moria of itself is confusing (except perhaps to a Dwarf who have, according to D&D an "innate sense of depth"), and by listing most everything alphabetically, it implies an understanding of the geography and overall layout of Moria. There is nothing which relates one's normal progression through Moria. I realize that progression can fork at Dolven-View, but there is no obvious indication that you are moving vertically as you are moving horizontally through Moria.

I suspect that this comment does not belong here, but it is triggered by my attempt to update things for Update 7, and discovering LOTS about Moria on the Wiki that is confusing. And this is where I encountered much confusion.

Refer also to my update page: User:Magill/Project - Update 7 Moria Revamp

The Moria deeds need to be reorganized somehow ... there are 4 deed tabs in the Deed log, with 3 of the 4 being "correct" (logical?).

In the Category:Moria Deeds, The categories:

All Integrate with the upper categories

But this page Mines of Moria Deeds doesn't tie in with the others. And If either don't know it is here, or stumble on it first, you don't link to the others.

I'm trying to incorporate some sort of logical links to all of this as I go along. I don't believe there is an "easy fix," but am more than open to suggestions or alternatives. (Not to mention corrections.) I'm also trying to fill in much missing information as I go along. Deeds seem to be one of the "more missing" attributes on location pages.

One thing which I don't know of, but hopefully one exists someplace -- a Vertical Map of Moria. I would love to have this: The ancient salt mines of Wieliczka redone for Moria -- which references it being "about as close as you can get to being in the mines of Moria from the Lord of the Rings." I sent the author an email on the long-shot chance he could be induced to generate such a map for Moria.

One thing which I have only recently discovered, but don't really know if it is true -- It appears that the main Moria Map, despite the compass implying otherwise, is in-fact an Up-down map. Where the compass should really be labeled Up and Down West and East. (I.e. North and South are really Up and Down.)If I am correct, then one help would be for us to so indicate that fact.

Agreed, deeds are a section that's not always consistently documented on the wiki, and Moria as a region has some bizarre complexities of its own. I salute you for working on bringing them up to date.
The deeds on this page are completely separate from all the other Moria deeds. You can find them in the deed log under Instances, then the second tab which is Mines of Moria. It's a collection of all the instance deeds from the Moria instances. The hidden deed it refers to is Saviour of Khazad-dum, which is linked in the meta-deed section of the page.
The deed pages that exist for Moria should be following the in-game categories of the deed log. I think they started that way, at any rate. -- Elinnea (talk) 17:52, 21 May 2012 (EDT)
Moving this work to a new location. Moving all notes to the Talk:Moria Deeds page. Note there is more to discuss in the User:Magill/Projects-Update 07-Moria Revamp page and User:Matthew.zellmer