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Disambiguation Needed

I believe this entry needs to be disambiguated, specifically to differentiate the land from the city. I believe most LotR and LotRO fans are going to miss the fact that these are different things (despite the in-game map). In addition, the land entry should make clear that Caras Galadhon is the primary settlement on this map - as opposed to it's current reference as being a 'region' only. Another matter that needs to be addressed for the land, the city and the barterers inside, is how to unlock access to these features. Despite wanting to normalize data into it's own entry, an overview of an area, such as this one, should include some reference to important details such as the rep lock on accessing the land and city. Because users are going to look at this entry first. (And before anyone suggests it, I'm not sure how best to implement this which is why I'm requesting it.) -- DoIHaveTo (talk)

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by disambiguation here. I'd definitely support adding more detailed information to this page - even something as simple as adding the line "Lothlórien, and Caras Galadhon, its primary city ... blah blah blah" to the top would help somewhat. The long-ish Lore section on this page should probably be moved down to make way for more "immediately" useful/helpful information, as well.
If you'd like to write something along the lines of the overview you suggested and stick it above Lore, I think that would be great. You may also want to consult with Zimoon who has been doing a lot of work with Locations recently. He might be a good sounding board for you as far as formatting and making sure information is on the appropriate pages. Sethladan 12:39, 16 October 2011 (EDT)