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Comment on this commit with the log message "(Radar calls it Limlight Glade, Deed log calls it Ent Grove)".

If that is the case all this is wrong. This is it:

  • For areas: We should use the name that is flashed on-screen in YELLOW TEXT when entering it from some other area, or when logging into game there. This is the name read under the radar while not within a landmark/settlement/....
  • For landmarks/settlements/...: We should use the name that is flashed on-screen in WHITE TEXT when within its borders. This is the name read under the radar when there.
  • We should never use aliases that are read in deeds, quests, whatever. Those pages should read as in-game but link to the correctly named location-page. In our own text at those pages we may use both versions, whatever makes most sense in the context. For example, "the Elves came to Baranduin (Brandywine River)..." versus "the Hobbits came to Brandywine River (Baranduin)..." -- a silly example, I know, but hopefully it gets the message across.
  • If an alternative name is used ever so frequently so players might search for that name, create a redirect.

Thus, your edit is incorrect. The location page should be named correctly and only that name should be used at the area page. Think this way, the area page is not about deeds or anything else, it is about geography. Period. It contains useful data about deeds and quests, right, but it does not carry over aliases from them. Hence I am about to roll it back again and before you change it yet again this topic is better cleared out at the talk-page.

Just for info. There are many many locations that have alternative names found in texts, deeds, and whatever. So also within Tolkien's own works, of which some was later declared in error. When I prepare for yet another region I do my homework, including reading a lot of quests. That is why I know there are many many aliases. The only situations when I have found names given in quests handy are similar to the page named Edhelion Watch; it does not read at all at the map but the location is given that name in a few related quests. And it is indeed a hub of sorts, though just for a short period.

Also remember that numerous locations have alternative names in Sindarin, Westernesse, some in Quenya, and perhaps even in other languages. We cannot display each and every alternative name and/or aliases. In this case the context of the page is geography, then we use the geographical name, whatever is read in a deed.
-- Zimoon (talk) 04:06, 4 April 2012 (EDT)