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How many tokens?

It would be very useful (or would have been for me, anyway) if this page (or perhaps the Hytbold page) stated just how many tokens it takes to complete this meta-deed. Because there are so many Rebuilding quests that are predicated on others, and because they vary some on the number of tokens required to complete each, it is pretty difficult for players to calculate their progress. I kept thinking I was only a few days from completion, then several new quests would appear.

I tried to add up all the tokens needed, but gave up after I lost track of which Rebuilding quests were 5-token Ally-standing quests and which were 10-token Kindred quests. If anyone has that number compiled, I think we should include it in this article. Perhaps something along the lines of the following:

The total number of Tokens of Hytbold required to complete all the quests for this deed is XXXX. That equates to YYY individual Aiding the Eastemnet quests in order to accumulate enough tokens (and takes a minimum of ZZ days). That number of quests required may be reduced by 5 (one day's worth) for each completion of an Aiding the Wold / Norcrofts / Entwash Vale / Sutcrofts deed and the Aiding the Eastemnet meta-deed, which reward 25 tokens each.

It might also be good to mention that, although the Hytbold meta-deed does not have a reward, completion of all of its parts is the sole prerequisite to unlock the quest The Witan. (Unless I am mistaken, that quest requires having completed every Rebuilding quest, but not every Aiding quest.)

Halgoreth (talk) 20:27, 5 December 2013 (UTC)

I agree that this would definitely be helpful, especially for someone who might be just grinding the tokens and not spending them piecemeal until they have enough to wrap up the whole thing. Will make a mental note to go add things up next time I'm feeling mathsy.
The "Rewards" section does look a little sad and lonely with nothing in it, but if there are no rewards listed in-game then it's correct to be blank. No reason we can't mention The Witan there in the "Additional Information" segment - good call. (I can neither confirm nor deny, unfortunately, the exact requirements re: the Aiding deeds, but I suspect the quest depends only on completing the Hytbold quests, the rebuilding deeds being only accessory bonuses towards that end.) Sethladan 23:08, 5 December 2013 (UTC)
What I meant was that I believe that only the Rebuilding quests (the ones that take tokens) are required to unlock The Witan. The Aiding quests (the ones that give tokens) are not. That is, you could do Beacon of Eaworth a few hundred times (and no other Aiding quests), to gather enough tokens to complete the Hytbold rebuild and then be offered The Witan. (Well, actually no. . .you would still need to do enough quests to reach Kindred in each faction in order to finish rebuilding. But my point is that I don't believe that one need complete every individual Aiding quest at least once in order to be eligible for The Witan.)
[As a complete aside. . .Turbine's choice of terminology here really annoys me. "Witan" in Old English means "wise ones", often referring to the king's trusted advisors or the respected elders of a tribe. (Tolkien was a professor of Old English at university.) The "Witan" are a body of people, not an event. The act of such a council assembling would more correctly be called a "Witangemot" (literally, "meeting of the wise ones"). In this case, the body including the Reeve and his Thanes should be considered as the Witan, not the occasion of their gathering. "gemot" means meeting. "mot" or "moot" is meet.]
Halgoreth (talk) 19:40, 6 December 2013 (UTC)
That sounds entirely reasonable about the give/take quests, although I think we merely said the same thing using different words (that is, the Aiding quests are part of the Aiding deeds, so completing all of one by definition completes all of the other). Will have to keep that in mind if I ever grow enough masochism to take another toon through Hytbold.
And oof re: the old English. It's also somewhat ironic as the gathering isn't even of the king's trusted men - the player character has been banished from the Westemnet and he (the king) ignores the plight of the rest. (For another forehead-smacker: There's a crafted reputation bow from the Lossoth - Keriä-laulu - whose name translates (from Finnish) to "wind-song." Unfotunately, it's "wind" - the verb - as in "wind up a spool of thread.") Sethladan 23:06, 6 December 2013 (UTC)
This is much more complex than it sounds on the surface. I added a "Reputation" section to the main Hytbold page. And (at the very bottom) a link to the Hytbold Guide on the Forum by Fredelas... which is THE definitive summary. When you look at his guide, you can understand why I say "more complex."
Time and Token guides are difficult because there are multiple paths and pre-requesites. And since Turbine added the ability to "reset" the daily task counter, the time is even more unpredictable.
While you don't NEED to do all of the "Aiding" quests; if you do so, you not only obtain Kindred status (which you can't get otherwise), but each group of Aiding quests grants a bonus of 25 tokens when the group is completed. Or put another way, it is NOT possible to rebuild Hytbold by doing only ONE Aiding quest multiple times, minimally you would have to do one for each Rep group.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 18:43, 8 December 2013 (UTC)

Good call adding the link to Fredelas' Hytbold guide.

I think the issue of "multiple paths and pre-requisites" is not much of a concern, because it doesn't matter which Aiding quests you do, as long as you gather enough tokens. But you're right that completing the Rebuilding meta-deed requires gaining Kindred standing with each faction along the way. I should have worded that into my statement.

And as far as "much more complex than it sounds" goes, I don't believe it is. I accounted for the effect of rewards from Aiding deeds in the wording of my suggested addition. If one focuses just on gaining Kindred standing with all factions, one still will not have gathered enough tokens to complete the rebuild. Also, one can wait and do the rebuilding all at once--you don't need to turn in tokens as you go. Thus, there is some number X of total tokens one needs to get (and a number Y=X/5 for number of Aiding quests one must complete) in order to complete the Rebuilding deed. And that number may be reduced by up to 125 tokens due to rewards from completing the regional Aiding deeds and the Eastemnet Aiding meta-deed. I also don't think it necessary to account for the availability of resets, as they are already mentioned in the Hytbold article. Nor do I think we need to mention the potential effect of rep accelerators. (I wish I had known before beginning that the Rebuild itself already requires enough rep-quests to achieve Kindred with all four -- I wasted an accelerator.)

"While you don't NEED to do all of the "Aiding" quests; if you do so, you not only obtain Kindred status (which you can't get otherwise)"

That's not quite true. One does not need to complete all the Aiding quests to reach Kindred. One could do only four quests (one in each thanedom) a few hundred times and still achieve it (which you did hint at). For instance, I have never completed "Beacon of Eaworth" or "Supplying the Line" (because I apparently didn't spend enough time playing Donkey Kong as a child).

I briefly looked at the Guide you linked (albeit, not at all thoroughly), but I did not find anyone sharing the calculations I was looking for. One person did say that it takes a minimum of 44 days, but I'm not sure that's accurate. I will read through it in more depth later.

Halgoreth (talk) 06:54, 15 December 2013 (UTC)

For those of us who are "Platform Jumper Challenged" the only way to get the Beacon done is to find a friendly Captain who is at the top and will summon you. :)
There used to be multiple threads discussing the time to complete Hytbold,
Looking at some of the posts in my Guild's forum, 44 days is apparently the minimum to get one full set of armour.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 01:38, 16 December 2013 (UTC)