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Now that I see there is an emote page I don't see why this page exists. I only added to it becuase it was under the "things to do" list.

Dancing with

The page does not explain the procedure for synchronizing your dance with someone else. That might be something to include here, since it's not on the Emote page. Halgoreth (talk) 16:02, 31 March 2015 (UTC)

There is such a procedure? Please write it up and add it to the page. (I am aware of Music playing in groups, but not dance.)
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 21:53, 2 April 2015 (UTC)
See this guide (scroll to bottom), or this other guide, or posts #3 and 6 here for sync dancing tips. -Laineth (talk) 09:09, 5 April 2015 (UTC)

Since these thing tend to disappear


Tonight’s dancing was an opportunity for new dancers to get the chance to learn the timings free of pressure and with folks willing to let them attempt the dances as many times as they liked. As requested here are the starting points for each of the dances. We learned them in order of their difficulty to master. Dance_elf: This dance begins when the lead dancer returns to the starting position and pauses. You will see them set both of their feet and that is the point at which you join in.

Dance_elf2: Just like the first elven, the dance lead will waltz out, and then back again. Simply wait for the lead to return to the starting position and pause, then join in just as they are starting out again.

Dance_man: For this dance, watch for when the lead is done with wagging their finger and clapping their hands. Their feet will begin to move back towards the start position, but you must begin before they set their feet. Many times the lead dancer’s arms will just be resting at their hips at the moment best to join in.

Dance_man2: For this dance you must watch for the rotation where the lead dancer performs the four kick steps run through. The dance has a two kickstep run, and a four, after the four kicksteps they will move all the way to the right. You simply join in as they start to the left again.

Dance_hobbit: For this lively dance, you must watch for when the lead dancer raises their left arm. When they do so, their elbow will be pointed directly to the left (9 o’clock position) and they will begin to perform a counterclockwise spin. When that left elbow is pointed towards the 12 o’clock position (sometimes sooner, sometimes a little later if your connection is lagging, or fast) that’s when you join in.

Dance_hobbit2: For this dance you must wait for both large leg sweeps to be completed. After that watch for the lead dancer’s right foot to reach the farthest back spot. Then you join in just as they begin to stutter step forward again. You will see a little heel-hop as they start forward and that is the spot to join in.

Dance_dwarf: For this dance, there are two ways to join. The first you can watch for the lead dancer to be all the way to the right, and join in as they take the second bounding step towards the left. Or, you can target the dancer you wish to match, and using the target circle at their feet, wait until they are all the way to the right, and join in as soon as they hit the middle of that target circle.

Dance_dwarf2: The hardest of the dances to time, but if you watch for when the lead is crossing their arms behind their back it helps a lot. There is a split second right before those arms cross, and they lean heavily on their right foot, that’s when you join in. And on the side we learned the third dance of man for those that had it.

Dance_man3: For this dance you simply watch for when the lead dancer spins to the right, wait until they move to the left, and join in as they slide to the right again. And for posterity, we didn’t cover this one but many sometimes are curious.

Dance_jig: This dance cannot be put into the same step, unless you are of the same race and gender as the person you are trying to match up with. So for many it is more socially accepted that you just join in at any time and have fun with it! Since everyone will be jigging in their own variety.

From the forums

[QUOTE=Okokdir;6223539]Each dance has a starting point for the animation...

/dance_man has a slight stutter after your character claps /dance_man2 has a a pattern that does a longer shuffle step right before it starts /dance_man3 starts after you spin and sway back to the right /dance_hobbit you start when the elbow is at 12 o'clock right or left I forget off the top of my head /dance_hobbit2 starts right when you character does the double hop /dance_elf starts when your character is furthest back facing forward /dance_elf2 starts when your character returns to the starting point (this is the easiest dance to sync IMO) /dance_dwarf ... I uh... Suck at timing this one. It's similar to /dance_man2 /dance_dwarf2 your shoulder is tipped... It's hard to describe and harder to sync /dance_jig just dance any place you want, I don't think I have ever bothered to sync it.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Orlor;6227478]To expand on Okokdir's post...

Dance_man2: There are two cycles to this dance. On the first cycle, your character will do step to the left and do a two step jump. On the 2nd cycle, it is a 4 step jump. Wait until your partner does the 4 step and then step all the to the right. As they start to step to the left again, start your dance.

Dance_hobbit: Wait until your partner's left elbow reaches 12 and then start your dance.

Dance_hobbit2: There will be a point where your partner steps to the back. Watch for them to lift their left heel as they start to move forward.

The elf dances are the easiest as there is a pause before the animation restarts. Basically, just wait for your partner to return to the starting position.

dance_dwarf: Wait for your partner to move all the wait to the right and then start to step left.

Dance_dwarf2: This one if pretty tricky. What I do is watch my partner's left foot as they hop on it from the left to the right. After they are done hopping, the left foot will kick out. That's when I start the dance.

And if all else fails, get a hold of Madaelin. :)[/QUOTE]