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someday.... when I am high enough level.. I might post a mega-long walk through of this insane looking instance. Bonzesquire

O.K. done! Bonzesquire

Erm... the boss panel got messed up after I saved my walkthough.... Can someone fix it??? Bonzesquire

Thanks... ---- Bonzesquire 9:30 PM, 20, August, 2011

Hi Bonzesquire, looks like someone fixed your boss panel. Thanks for putting in that huge walkthrough, by the way. It's been needed for a long time! I hope you don't mind if I go ahead later and improve it a bit. Also, I think this was clarified on your talk page, but when you post a discussion entry it should be followed by your signature. When you're in editing mode, that's the second button from the right over the text window. Cheers, keep up the great work with walkthroughs :) --Fedaykin (talk) 06:08, 21 August 2011 (EDT)

The problem with Urugarth

I have noticed that Urugarth stuff has been included in the Carn dum page. Now this is great, but I think that kind of deletes the purpose for the Urugarth page. I think that a link to Urugarth is great, but Urugarth is not in Carn dum. Or is it??? He who appears to be Gandalf distinctly says: "Lying on the Outskirts of Carn dum is the fortress of Urugarth.", however, states clearly that Urugarth is an area of its own. I think that some of the Urugarth info doesn't belong on the Carn dum page. We should delete it Urugarth is also not in the area list of area's of Angmar. I think it should be added. I hope that all my ideas are considered, and aren't going to mess things up.... --Bonzesquire (talk) 21:02, 24 August 2011 (EDT)

Developer comments: Stories of development through this game

18 June 2015 [1]
Originally posted by MadeOfLions:
"Stories of development through this game"
That there was a city called Carn Dûm from which evil men came is one of the few things we know about Angmar, so it was a very easy place to make the centerpiece dungeon in Shadows of Angmar. Our goal at the time was to make it the most challenging dungeon in the game, and in 2007-speak that included making it very, very long. Carn Dûm runs could upwards of four or five hours. We would run internal playtests of it (and its sister-dungeon, Urugarth) in the afternoons, and even then it could take a lot more time than it really should have. I usually played Guardian or Champion during these runs, and they're still my two favorite classes.
Since Carn Dûm and Urugarth were the main endgame dungeons, their bosses would drop the class-specific items you'd need for your primary class quests: Putrid Slime of Helchgam, etc. ... with a 5% drop rate. Eventually it was decided that that was too low a percentage, and the whole system underwent some pretty significant changes. There's something to be said for incredibly long dungeon runs, but the industry as a whole seems to have moved away from it. Still, I'm glad that Carn Dûm came into the world that way. :)