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Town / Area / Naming Information

In-game and at Lorebook we notice the two names "Bree" and "Bree-town" where Bree is used for the area and Bree-town for the town as such. It should be noticed that Tolkien never ever used Bree-town in his works, that anomaly seems to be a Turbine product and perhaps a workaround to resolve the technical same-name issue that otherwise would have existed between the town contained within the same-name area. Furthermore, the notion of region/area/landmark/etc. is 100% a technical thing within Lotro which has no bearing to the fictional realm whatsoever; maybe an important technical thing for the programmers but meaningless as such for players at large.

In-game we find a few locations per region where settlement equals its area; Celondim, Bree, Combe, Hengstacer Farm are a few examples. (In the latter case it is arguable why Turbine decided to create an individual area in the first place and not let the tiny farm be part of The Horsefields.) (Another more odd example is Staddle; there is a small, small village named Staddle but the same-name area covers quite a chunk and includes several named landmarks.)

When it comes to our location pages, usually it is possible to "ignore" the area part and focus on the settlement. Of course we briefly mention the technicality. However, we do not create two pages, one for the settlement and one for the area, because that would be way more confusing than mentioning the technicality. That said, sometimes it is a balance on slack line, mind one's p's and q's; trying to keep to the in-game format while keeping things straight, crisp and clear. In the end of the day, our wiki's purpose is to provide concise and correct information, not to mimic technical workarounds that we find in the game; we want to help people to play and have fun.

Bree versus Bree-town

Establishing some facts:

  • Bree is the name used by Tolkien
  • Bree-town is an invention by Turbine
  • In Lotro, technically Bree is used for the area
  • In Lotro, technically Bree-town is used for the town
  • We ignore the area when it equals the settlement but mention the technicality

In this particular case Turbine has given the area the proper name of the town that should be named Bree.
At this wiki we will rather use Bree for the name of this location and so honouring Tolkien's name, we will ignore Bree-town and redirect it to Bree, and we will use the Settlement template for this location but add it to the area-of-Bree-land category.
Zimoon (talk) 08:11, 6 January 2012 (EST)