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NOTE: Today (Aug 29, 2016), I tried to find armor sets for the Beorning during Moria, and was unable to find them from the usual vendors that require Medallions of Moria. I checked thoroughly on Gladden server and ONLY the Beorning trainer in the 21st Hall has them, no other traders. I didn't find the armor sets in time, so I looked for other options. The Annuminas armor bought with marks is level 55 (purple) or 65 (teal) and offers bonuses for might and agility and serves quite well in case someone can't find the armor. Example: Nenuial's Jacket (Level 55).

That set might work for Moria for some people, especially since some skills activate with Evade in Red trait. If you haven't noticed also, agility is a good second best for leveling armor anyway since it gives a nice bonus to physical mastery. It worked for me, but healing (yellow) bears might prefer old armor sets intended for classic captains with will. The conversion from will to tactical is pretty good in the Beorning.

I feel like this comment should be more centrally located so that people wondering where the armor is can find it. Either you can think creatively like I did, or you can go to the Beorning Trainer, but there aren't other normal Moria vendor options at this time. At least not on gladden right now. Acatlover2 (talk) 04:21, 30 August 2016 (UTC)