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Thread: Unlock Allegiance Dalies/Weeklies

SO FINALLY, worked out how you get these blasted things unlocked!!!

You must have completed the (hidden) deed, "Tales of Gorgoroth".

It requires you to complete the following;

1) (Of the Black Book) Chapter 4; Union of Evil
2) Complete Quest: a Solemn Gathering - Udûn
3) Complete Quest: What was Spoken and What was Revealed - Udûn
4) Complete Quest: Into the Abyss - Quest: Edge of the Abyss ?? - Dor Amarth
5) Complete Quest: Aiglos
6) Complete Quest: Eyes in the Dark - Lhingris
7) Complete Quest: Under the Fires of Orodruin
8) Complete Quest: The Secrets of Seregost

And then also I believe you need to reach level 115, after completing all of these, relog, and you should get a quest automatically appear in your quest log to go to your allegiance hall and begin the dailies/weeklies!

The deed "Tales of Gorgoroth" is the one who says that u have to collect all the pages in all 5 areas of mordor right, so the 5 quests "lost lore of xxx".