Talebot Took

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Talebot Took
Image of Talebot Took
Role Supplier & Provisioner
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Shire Homesteads
Interior Homestead Provisions (Shire)
Map Ref [36.9S, 73.7W]


Talebot Took is the Supplier & Provisioner for Shire Homesteads. He is located inside the Homestead Provisions building.


Item Cost
Ancient Steel Blade Mould-icon.png Ancient Steel Blade Mould Silver20 Copper
Steel Bolts-icon.png Ancient Steel Bolts Silver20 Copper
Ancient Steel Cutlery Mould-icon.png Ancient Steel Cutlery Mould Silver20 Copper
Ancient Steel File-icon.png Ancient Steel File Silver20 Copper
Ancient Steel Nails-icon.png Ancient Steel Nails Silver20 Copper
Ancient Steel Sphere Mould-icon.png Ancient Steel Sphere Mould Silver20 Copper
Ancient Steel Spike Mould-icon.png Ancient Steel Spike Mould Silver20 Copper
Anórien Crop Seed-icon.png Anórien Crop Seed Silver60 Copper
Apprentice Crop Seed-icon.png Apprentice Crop Seed 20 Copper
Apprentice Flower Seed-icon.png Apprentice Flower Seed 20 Copper
Apprentice Pipe-weed Seed-icon.png Apprentice Pipe-weed Seed 20 Copper
Artisan Crop Seed-icon.png Artisan Crop Seed 20 Copper
Artisan Flower Seed-icon.png Artisan Flower Seed 20 Copper
Bag of Salt-icon.png Bag of Salt Silver12 Copper
Baking Seed-icon.png Baking Seed Silver
Ball of Twine-icon.png Ball of Twine 92 Copper
Barrel of Anórien Water-icon.png Barrel of Anórien Water 40 Copper
Barrel of Eastemnet Water-icon.png Barrel of Eastemnet Water 32 Copper
Barrel of Ironfold Water-icon.png Barrel of Ironfold Water 48 Copper
Barrel of Ithilien Water-icon.png Barrel of Ithilien Water 44 Copper
Barrel of Refined Water-icon.png Barrel of Refined Water 48 Copper
Barrel of Water-icon.png Barrel of Water 28 Copper
Barrel of Westemnet Water-icon.png Barrel of Westemnet Water 36 Copper
Blackened Steel Blade Mould-icon.png Blackened Steel Blade Mould Silver80 Copper
Steel Bolts-icon.png Blackened Steel Bolts Silver80 Copper
Blackened Steel Cutlery Mould-icon.png Blackened Steel Cutlery Mould Silver80 Copper
Blackened Steel File-icon.png Blackened Steel File Silver80 Copper
Blackened Steel Nails-icon.png Blackened Steel Nails Silver80 Copper
Blackened Steel Sphere Mould-icon.png Blackened Steel Sphere Mould Silver80 Copper
Blackened Steel Spike Mould-icon.png Blackened Steel Spike Mould Silver80 Copper
Bolt of Cotton Cloth-icon.png Bolt of Cotton Cloth Silver
Bolt of Elven-cloth-icon.png Bolt of Elven-cloth Silver20 Copper
Bolt of Linen Cloth-icon.png Bolt of Linen Cloth Silver40 Copper
Bolt of Magnificent Cloth-icon.png Bolt of Magnificent Cloth Silver80 Copper
Bolt of Rough Cloth-icon.png Bolt of Rough Cloth Silver60 Copper
Bolt of Silk Cloth-icon.png Bolt of Silk Cloth Silver60 Copper
Bottle of Savoury Seasonings-icon.png Bottle of Savoury Seasonings Silver12 Copper
Bottle of Vinegar-icon.png Bottle of Vinegar Silver20 Copper
Bottle of Water-icon.png Bottle of Water 24 Copper
Bronze Blade Mould-icon.png Bronze Blade Mould Silver60 Copper
Bronze Cutlery Mould-icon.png Bronze Cutlery Mould Silver60 Copper
Bucket of Water-icon.png Bucket of Purified Water 24 Copper
Bucket of Water-icon.png Bucket of Water Copper
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Athelas Leaves Silver40 Copper
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Greater Athelas Leaves Silver
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Lesser Athelas Leaves Silver60 Copper
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Potent Athelas Leaves Silver80 Copper
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Pure Athelas Leaves Silver20 Copper
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Refined Athelas Leaves Silver60 Copper
Chicken Egg-icon.png Chicken Egg 24 Copper
Clay Pot-icon.png Clay Pot Silver40 Copper
Cloth-bound Journal-icon.png Cloth-bound Journal Silver
Coney-icon.png Coney 56 Copper
Cooking Supplies-icon.png Cooking Supplies Silver
Cup of Apple Juice-icon.png Cup of Apple Juice Silver20 Copper
Cup of Fresh Cream-icon.png Cup of Fresh Cream Silver12 Copper
Cut of Beef-icon.png Cut of Beef Silver12 Copper
Cut of Mutton-icon.png Cut of Mutton Silver
Drop of Honey-icon.png Drop of Fine Clover Honey Silver12 Copper
Drop of Honey-icon.png Drop of Honey Silver12 Copper
Drop of Honey-icon.png Drop of Wildflower Honey Silver40 Copper
Dwarf-steel Blade Mould-icon.png Dwarf-steel Blade Mould Silver60 Copper
Dwarf-steel Bolts-icon.png Dwarf-steel Bolts Silver60 Copper
Dwarf-steel Cutlery Mould-icon.png Dwarf-steel Cutlery Mould Silver60 Copper
Dwarf-steel File-icon.png Dwarf-steel File Silver60 Copper
Dwarf-steel Nails-icon.png Dwarf-steel Nails Silver60 Copper
Dwarf-steel Sphere Mould-icon.png Dwarf-steel Sphere Mould Silver60 Copper}
Dwarf-steel Spike Mould-icon.png Dwarf-steel Spike Mould Silver60 Copper
Dye Wash-icon.png Dye Wash 20 Silver
Eastemnet Crop Seed-icon.png Eastemnet Crop Seed Silver80 Copper
Empty Glass Bottle-icon.png Empty Glass Bottle Silver60 Copper
Exceptional Glass Lens-icon.png Exceptional Glass Lens Silver80 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Exceptional Leather Wrapping Silver20 Copper
Expert Crop Seed-icon.png Expert Crop Seed 20 Copper
Expert Flower Seed-icon.png Expert Flower Seed 20 Copper
Expert Pipe-weed Seed-icon.png Expert Pipe-weed Seed 20 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Extraordinary Leather Wrapping Silver80 Copper
Farming Tools-icon.png Farming Tools Silver
Glass Lens-icon.png Fine Glass Lens Silver40 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Fine Leather Wrapping Silver40 Copper
Flank of Beef-icon.png Flank of Beef Silver12 Copper
Forester's Axe-icon.png Forester's Axe Silver
Frog Legs-icon.png Frog Legs 60 Copper
Glass Phial-icon.png Glass Phial Silver
Gut Strings-icon.png Gut Strings Silver40 Copper
Hand-bound Journal-icon.png Hand-bound Journal Silver40 Copper
Handful of Ereborian Fertilizer-icon.png Handful of Ereborian Fertilizer 24 Copper
Handful of Fertilizer-icon.png Handful of Fertilizer Copper
Handful of Mixed Nuts-icon.png Handful of Mixed Nuts Silver20 Copper
Haunch of Venison-icon.png Haunch of Venison Silver40 Copper
Hearty Crop Seed-icon.png Hearty Crop Seed Silver40 Copper
Hearty Eastemnet Crop Seed-icon.png Hearty Eastemnet Crop Seed 14 Silver
Hearty Westemnet Crop Seed-icon.png Hearty Westemnet Crop Seed 16 Silver
Hearty Westfold Crop Seed-icon.png Hearty Westfold Crop Seed 12 Silver
High-grade Steel Blade Mould-icon.png High-grade Steel Blade Mould Silver
Steel Bolts-icon.png High-grade Steel Bolts Silver
High-grade Steel Cutlery Mould-icon.png High-grade Steel Cutlery Mould Silver
High-grade Steel File-icon.png High-grade Steel File Silver
High-grade Steel Nails-icon.png High-grade Steel Nails Silver
High-grade Steel Sphere Mould-icon.png High-grade Steel Sphere Mould Silver
High-grade Steel Spike Mould-icon.png High-grade Steel Spike Mould Silver
Ironfold Crop Seed-icon.png Ironfold Crop Seed Silver40 Copper
Ithilien Crop Seed-icon.png Ithilien Crop Seed Silver
Jar of Vegetable Oil-icon.png Jar of Vegetable Oil 56 Copper
Jeweller's Tools-icon.png Jeweller's Tools Silver
Journeyman Crop Seed-icon.png Journeyman Crop Seed 20 Copper
Journeyman Flower Seed-icon.png Journeyman Flower Seed 20 Copper
Journeyman Pipe-weed Seed-icon.png Journeyman Pipe-weed Seed 20 Copper
Khazâd-tin Ingot-icon.png Khazâd-tin Ingot Silver40 Copper
Kindling Material-icon.png Kindling Material Silver60 Copper
Lamb Bone-icon.png Lamb Bone Silver12 Copper
Lamb Kidney-icon.png Lamb Kidney Silver12 Copper
Large Bottle of Milk-icon.png Large Bottle of Milk Silver12 Copper
Large Clay Pot-icon.png Large Clay Pot Silver20 Copper
Large Glass Phial-icon.png Large Glass Phial Silver20 Copper
Leather-bound Journal-icon.png Leather-bound Journal Silver60 Copper
Long Ash Shaft-icon.png Long Ash Shaft Silver40 Copper
Long Black Ash Shaft-icon.png Long Black Ash Shaft Silver20 Copper
Long Lebethron Shaft-icon.png Long Lebethron Shaft Silver60 Copper
Long Mallorn Shaft-icon.png Long Mallorn Shaft Silver80 Copper
Long Rowan Shaft-icon.png Long Rowan Shaft Silver60 Copper
Long Yew Shaft-icon.png Long Yew Shaft Silver
Low-grade Steel Blade Mould-icon.png Low-grade Steel Blade Mould Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel Bolts-icon.png Low-grade Steel Bolts Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel Cutlery Mould-icon.png Low-grade Steel Cutlery Mould Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel File-icon.png Low-grade Steel File Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel Nails-icon.png Low-grade Steel Nails Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel Sphere Mould-icon.png Low-grade Steel Sphere Mould Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel Spike Mould-icon.png Low-grade Steel Spike Mould Silver40 Copper
Lump of Butter-icon.png Lump of Butter 24 Copper
Lump of Coal-icon.png Lump of Coal Silver40 Copper
Lump of Coal-icon.png Lump of Rich Coal Silver80 Copper
Lump of Rich Wax-icon.png Lump of Rich Wax Silver80 Copper
Lump of Riddermark Coal-icon.png Lump of Riddermark Coal 12 Silver80 Copper
Lump of Riddermark Wax-icon.png Lump of Riddermark Wax 12 Silver80 Copper
Lump of Wax-icon.png Lump of Wax 24 Copper
Master Crop Seed-icon.png Master Crop Seed 20 Copper
Master Flower Seed-icon.png Master Flower Seed 20 Copper
Oxtail-icon.png Oxtail Silver
Uncooked Duck Breast-icon.png Partridge Breast Fillet Silver40 Copper
Phial of Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Celebrant Water Silver40 Copper
Phial of Greater Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Greater Celebrant Water Silver
Phial of Lesser Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Lesser Celebrant Water Silver60 Copper
Phial of Potent Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Potent Celebrant Water Silver80 Copper
Phial of Pure Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Pure Celebrant Water Silver20 Copper
Phial of Refined Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Refined Celebrant Water Silver60 Copper
Piece of Chalk-icon.png Piece of Chalk Silver60 Copper
Piece of Goat Cheese-icon.png Piece of Goat Cheese Silver
Piece of Uncooked Bacon-icon.png Piece of Uncooked Bacon 56 Copper
Pile of Dye Salts-icon.png Pile of Dye Salts Silver60 Copper
Pile of Lórien Soil-icon.png Pile of Lórien Soil 96 Copper
Pile of Rivendell Soil-icon.png Pile of Rivendell Soil 48 Copper
Pinch of Yeast-icon.png Pinch of Ale Yeast 24 Copper
Pinch of Anórien Spices-icon.png Pinch of Anórien Spices Silver60 Copper
Pinch of Cinnamon-icon.png Pinch of Cinnamon Silver12 Copper
Pinch of Fresh Ginger-icon.png Pinch of Fresh Ginger Silver40 Copper
Pinch of Yeast-icon.png Pinch of Lager Yeast 24 Copper
Pinch of Mixed Herbs-icon.png Pinch of Mixed Herbs Silver20 Copper
Pinch of Mixed Spice-icon.png Pinch of Mixed Spice Silver20 Copper
Pinch of Pepper-icon.png Pinch of Pepper Silver20 Copper
Pinch of Shire Seasonings-icon.png Pinch of Shire Seasonings 56 Copper
Glass Lens-icon.png Polished Glass Lens Silver
Pork Shank-icon.png Pork Shank 24 Copper
Pouch of Fine Seasonings-icon.png Pouch of Fine Seasonings Silver12 Copper
Glass Lens-icon.png Pristine Glass Lens Silver20 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Pristine Leather Wrapping Silver60 Copper
Prospector's Tools-icon.png Prospector's Tools Silver
Quill and Ink Set-icon.png Quill and Ink Set Silver40 Copper
Rack of Lamb-icon.png Rack of Lamb Silver20 Copper
Raw Pork Sausage-icon.png Raw Pork Sausage 56 Copper
Riddermark Glass Phial-icon.png Riddermark Glass Phial 12 Silver80 Copper
Riddermark Leather-bound Journal-icon.png Riddermark Leather-bound Journal 12 Silver80 Copper
Glass Lens-icon.png Rough Glass Lens Silver60 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Rough Leather Wrapping Silver60 Copper
Runic Striking Symbol-icon.png Runic Striking Symbol Silver40 Copper
Runic Vanquishing Symbol-icon.png Runic Vanquishing Symbol Silver40 Copper
Scholar's Glass-icon.png Scholar's Glass Silver
Scoop of Lard-icon.png Scoop of Lard 24 Copper
Sharp Cheese Wheel-icon.png Sharp Cheese Wheel Silver12 Copper
Short Ash Shaft-icon.png Short Ash Shaft Silver40 Copper
Short Black Ash Shaft-icon.png Short Black Ash Shaft Silver20 Copper
Short Lebethron Shaft-icon.png Short Lebethron Shaft Silver60 Copper
Short Mallorn Shaft-icon.png Short Mallorn Shaft Silver80 Copper
Short Rowan Shaft-icon.png Short Rowan Shaft Silver60 Copper
Short Yew Shaft-icon.png Short Yew Shaft Silver
Small Candle-icon.png Small Candle Silver60 Copper
Small Clay Pot-icon.png Small Clay Pot Silver76 Copper
Small Glass Phial-icon.png Small Glass Phial 40 Copper
Smithing Hammer-icon.png Smithing Hammer Silver
Spool of Ancient Steel Wire-icon.png Spool of Ancient Steel Wire Silver20 Copper
Spool of Blackened Steel Wire-icon.png Spool of Blackened Steel Wire Silver80 Copper
Spool of Bronze Wire-icon.png Spool of Bronze Wire Silver60 Copper
Spool of Cotton Thread-icon.png Spool of Cotton Thread Silver
Spool of Dwarf-steel Wire-icon.png Spool of Dwarf-steel Wire Silver60 Copper
Spool of Elven-thread-icon.png Spool of Elven-thread Silver20 Copper
Spool of Extraordinary Thread-icon.png Spool of Extraordinary Thread Silver80 Copper
Spool of Fine Thread-icon.png Spool of Fine Thread Silver40 Copper
Spool of High-grade Steel Wire-icon.png Spool of High-grade Steel Wire Silver
Spool of Low-grade Steel Wire-icon.png Spool of Low-grade Steel Wire Silver40 Copper
Spool of Rough Thread-icon.png Spool of Rough Thread Silver60 Copper
Spool of Silk Thread-icon.png Spool of Silk Thread Silver60 Copper
Stalk of Rhubarb-icon.png Stalk of Rhubarb Silver12 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Sturdy Leather Wrapping Silver
Glass Lens-icon.png Superb Glass Lens Silver16 Copper
Supreme Crop Seed-icon.png Supreme Crop Seed 20 Copper
Tailor's Tools-icon.png Tailor's Tools Silver
Tin Ingot-icon.png Tin Ingot 40 Copper
Uncooked Chicken-icon.png Uncooked Chicken Silver12 Copper
Uncooked Duck Breast-icon.png Uncooked Duck Breast Silver20 Copper
Uncooked Pork Chop-icon.png Uncooked Pork Chop Silver12 Copper
Westemnet Crop Seed-icon.png Westemnet Crop Seed Silver20 Copper
Westfold Crop Seed-icon.png Westfold Crop Seed Silver40 Copper
Wild Flower Seed-icon.png Wild Flower Seed 12 Silver
Wild Pipe-weed Seed-icon.png Wild Pipe-weed Seed 12 Silver
Wooden Pegs-icon.png Wooden Pegs Silver40 Copper
Woodworking Tools-icon.png Woodworking Tools Silver
Item Cost
Dry Rations-icon.png Dry Rations 48 Copper
Hard Rations-icon.png Hard Rations Silver12 Copper
Kindling Material-icon.png Kindling Material Silver60 Copper
Rich Rations-icon.png Rich Rations Silver60 Copper
Simple Rations-icon.png Simple Rations Copper
Tasty Rations-icon.png Tasty Rations Silver20 Copper