Take The Hobbit To Isengard

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Take The Hobbit To Isengard 2014 was a server versus server event hosted by Sapience (The then Customer Service Manager). The object was to take his level 10 hobbit, Hadacar, all the way to the gates of Isengard!

The Results

   Eldar 46m 06s 0 Deaths
   Anduin 47m 15s 0 Deaths
   Dwarrowdelf 47m 31s 0 Deaths
   Vilya 47m 32s 0 Deaths.
   Windfola 47m 48s 0 Deaths
   Riddermark 48m 30s 0 Deaths
   Estel 49m 45s 0 Deaths
   Sirannon 51m 55s 0 Deaths.
   Imladris 51m 58s 0 Deaths.
   Silverlode 52m 47s 0 Deaths.
   Vanyar 53m 51s 0 Deaths
   Belegaer 57m 4s 0 Deaths.
   Arkenstone 59m 6s 0 Deaths.
   Nimrodel 59m 47s 0 Deaths.
   Gwaihir 59m 59s 0 Deaths.
   Maiar 1h 0m 11s 0 Deaths.
   Landroval 1h 2m 7s 0 Deaths
   Crickhollow 1h 2m 31s 0 Deaths
   Meneldor 1h 4m 42s 0 Deaths
   Gladden 1h 5m 39s 0 Deaths
   Snowbourn 1h 5m 46s 0 Deaths
   Morthond 1h 7m 55s 0 Deaths
   Elendilmir 1h 10m 6s 0 Deaths
   Gilrain 1h 22m 55s 0 Deaths
   Laurelin 1h 43m 40s 0 Deaths
   Firefoot 1h 51m 37s 1 Death
   Evernight 2h 1m 39s 1 Death
   Withywindle 2h 3m 33s 0 Deaths 1 Reset
   Brandywine 2h 5m 12s 1 Death
   Bullroarer DNF Due to Massive Balrog outbreak.