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This page is about Túgonn in Ost Dunhoth. For Túgonn in the Session Play, see Túgonn (Session Play)
Image of Túgonn
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Enedwaith
Area Lich Bluffs
Dungeon Ost Dunhoth
Map Ref [75.2S, 19.7W]


Túgonn is found at the main courtyard inside Ost Dunhoth of Enedwaith. After defeating Gortheron he can be found higher up in Gortheron's room.

Quest Involvement

He is involved with the following raid quests:


"This place has stood empty for many years, but is now inhabited by evil."
"This is Ost Dunhoth, an ancient fortress of Gondor. It has been claimed by forces of the Enemy."
"A Gaunt-lord has come to OSt Dunhoth, and I fear it must be Gortheron the Doom-caller."
"This is another quote."

After the defeat of Gortheron:

"What has happened? Gandalf? Are you sure?"
"Are you certain it was Gandalf? What if it was one last trick of Gortheron's?"