Sun-touched Eagle

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Sun-touched Eagle
Sun-touched Eagle.jpg
Faction Freep
Location Ettenmoors
Area Arador's End
Genus Beast
Species Eagle
Type Normal
Level Range 138-139
Morale Range 361,845-377,883
Power Range 40,205-41,987
Special Abilities None


Sun-touched Eagles are one type of Eagles found in the Coldfells between Glân Vraig and Ost Ringdyr. You can also find conclaves of them in the Arador's End area and in Golloval's Eyrie [12.5S, 16.6W] near the Isendeep Mine They are friendly to the Free Peoples and hostile to the Creeps.

They are led by Golloval who will appear whenever the Creeps hold the Isendeep Mine and offer to help the Freeps retake the Mine.

Target of Quests


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