Strike Against Dannenglor (Deed)

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Deed Lore

The ancient Elf-ruins of Dannenglor howl during the dark Mirkwood nights.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Helchfaer often uses the ancient buildings of Dannenglor to conduct dark and secret offerings and sacrifices to the Dark Lord.
Ghostfang has eaten countless members of the Golden Host ... the leg bones are his favourite treat.
Ruingalad only appears when flames lick the ruins of Dannenglor.
Swartclaw rules the roost of Dannenglor with an iron talon.
Rimdeloth is the mistress of Dannenglor and fiercely protective of what she has deemed to be hers.
Gorogmúl guards the bridge into Dannenglor, ever watchful.
The majority of the spiders in Mirkwood can trace their lineage through the egg-sacs of Gothling.
The only thing Fiklúk likes less than an elf is the sound of a horn.
Seregruin patrols through the ruins of Dannenglor, an ever-watchful guardian from a long time since past.


  Event-title-icon.png <name>, Struck Against Dannenglor