Stealth (Warg Stalker)

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Stealth (Warg Stalker)-icon.png
  • You can prowl beneath the notice of all but the keenest eyes, waiting to strike.
  • In Flayer: Brute
    Increases the application chance of your brute bonuses.
  • Decreased movement speed unless traited
  • Toggle Skill
  • Cooldown: 10s

General Information

Class: Warg Stalker

Rank: Initial

Training Cost: None


The trait Enhanced Skill: Stealth increases your stealth level by 4 and your movement speed while stealthed with 45%.
The trait The Element of Surprise increases the chance to land a critical hit when attacking from stealth by 20%.

Tactical Information

Stealth is the most basic skill of the warg, allowing it to sneak up to freeps and take them by surprise. Being in stealth also positively changes the effectiveness of some skills, sometimes even giving them a special ability. You will loose stealth as soon as you have executed a skill, though. Finally, no warg will run without their enhanced stealth trait, making them harder to detect and allowing them to keep up with running freeps while stealthed.

Skills influenced by Stealth: