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Deed Lore

Discover all of Stangard's interiors.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

The Mead Hall of Stangard is where Stanric and the other Rohirrim conduct the majority of their business.
The lockhouse is guarded closely by Cynred, and none may enter without strict permission from the leadership of Stangard. Here are all things that must be locked up, from food-stores to prisoners.
The Skirmish Hall is where all skirmish-related business is done.
The Auction Hall is rarely used by the Men of Stangard, but the Auctions of Middle-earth can be viewed here.
The Stangard Vault offers only the most secure place to store your cherished items.
When the burdens of the day become overwhelming, the Stangard Tavern serves as a place to relax and quench thirsts.
This house near the Mead Hall is home to Stanric, the lord of Stangard.
Athulf alone cares for the gentle dogs that inhabit the kennel of Stangard.
Undesired weather can force the horses of Stangard indoors. This stable helps provide warmth during the winter months.
This is the home of the workman Wada, an overworked and underfed resident of Stangard.
The Legendary Item Store employs the only two soldiers in Stangard that have mastered the Forging and Imbuing of Legendary Items.
The Supplier lives here, but the supplies in this house belong to him, not to you.
The Provisioner lives here, but the provisions in this house belong to him, not to you.
Byrnstan is a loyal guard of the Mead Hall and does his work with little compensation.
Dunstan's home is now unoccupied, for this brave hunter was slain by Orcs in Thinglad. He will never sleep in his bed again, for his grave is under the eaves of the great trees of Thinglad.
Uthrad is a guard loyal to Sithric. It is best not to cross him.
Tatwine is a gentle farmer who tends the horses of Stangard, day in and day out. He wants nothing more than some land to tend, but he is not permitted to do any farming.
Long abandoned, this home strikes fear into the hearts of any man living in Stangard. All those that enter are never heard or seen from again.
Adalbert is a guard loyal to Stanric. It is best not to cross him.
Sabert is your friend. He guards the front gate of Stangard, and greets you whenever you come and go.


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 5 LOTRO Points
  Mark-icon.png 30 Marks
  Slayer-title-icon.png <name>, the Trespasser
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with The Riders of Stangard ( 500 )

Additional Information

* You must be on, or have completed the Hungry Men, Hungry Horses quest to enter the Lockhouse, also known as the Stangard Jail.