Stage Manager Hobbit

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Stage Manager Hobbit
Image of Stage Manager Hobbit
Gender Female
Race Hobbit
Region Frostbluff
Settlement Winter-home
Interior Frostbluff Theatre

Stage Manager Hobbit is found in the back room of the Frostbluff Theatre at Winter-home in Frostbluff.


"What do you need to know?"

G.L.O.B.E. Information

These are the questions answered by Stage Manager Hobbit.

  • How do I act?
    'How do I act? It's quite simple, use your emotions and act out what you feel.'
    Once on stage, target the Audience and wait for your turn. Once it is your turn to act, perform a LOTRO-supported emote. Custom emotes will not work for this event.
  • What emotes can I perform?
    We will have a seasoned actors on stage supporting you, just follow their lead.'
    NPC actors will guide you through the play, simply follow along and choose what emote you feel fits the story best. All LOTRO-supported emotes are valid options, though more will have better reactions that others.
  • When should I act?
    'How will I know when to act? Don't worry; I have made sure you will receive proper stage hints.'
    You will receive a Billboard alerting you when it is our turn to act and will have ten seconds to select an emote.
  • What part am I playing?
    'You will be playing the part of the villain/protagonist/extra. If you need advice feel free to speak with the other actors in their dressing rooms.