Spider Racial Traits

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Name PvMP Rank Source Description
Eight-legged Foe-icon.png Eight-legged Foe Rank: 5 1,500 Commendation  Increases Run Speed and grants immunity to falling injuries
Advanced Skill Born of Shadow-icon.png Advanced Skill: Born of Shadow Rank: 6 1,500 Commendation  Increases Physical and Tactical mitigations when hit
Swallower of Light-icon.png Swallower of Light Rank: 7 1,500 Commendation  Increases Tactical Mitigation and Stealth Level
Ancient as the Stars-icon.png Ancient as the Stars Rank: 9 1,500 Commendation  Increases Physical Mitigation and reduces Melee Critical Vulnerability
Advanced Skill Shelob's Gift-icon.png Advanced Skill: Shelob's Gift Rank: 9 1,500 Commendation  Grants the skill Shelob's Gift
Enemies of the First Children-icon.png Enemies of the First Children Rank:10 1,500 Commendation  Increases Critical and Physical Mastery Ratings
Drinker of Blood-icon.png Drinker of Blood Rank:11 1,500 Commendation  Boosts Morale Regeneration and Power Regeneration in Combat