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The Glory of Rohan
The Glory of Rohan.jpg
World: Landroval
Founded: August 2011
Founder: Brynnleod
Leader: Brynnleod
Co-leader: Provost Lilytiger, Provost Belegmoth, Provost Twospirits
Kin Hall: 8 Haven Way, Tulusion, Falathlorn Homesteads
Homestead: 3 Harrow Road, Bybarton, Shire Homesteads
Region: North America


The Glory of Rohan is a small kinship of friends who enjoy various styles of gameplay. We are very friendly and welcoming to mature players, including LGBT players! We don't have scheduled events or requirements and are very casual- we're here to have fun, not grind! We welcome all races, classes, and vocations. We are currently a Lifespan Rank 9 kinship.
We now have a Kinship house! It is located at 8 Haven Way, Tulusion, Falathlorn Homesteads. As before, of course, visitors are still welcome at Maplebee's personal house at 3 Harrow Road, Bybarton, Shire Homesteads.

Kinship History

After many years of wandering on her own, the hunter Brynnleod of Rohan grew lonely and desired companionship. She took it upon herself to establish a group dedicated to fellowship, fun, and the enjoyment of a little pipeweed on the side. And so it was that The Glory of Rohan was founded, welcoming all races and occupations.


We do not actively recruit, potential members must show initiative and contact us on their own. We welcome RP, but shun drama! We ask that prospective members be mature and humble- we have no room for ego. And please... make an effort to use proper grammar and spelling.


You may contact Brynnleod or any Provost listed below while in-game.

Other Links

We will add them as we find them!


Name Rank Race Class Vocation
Brynnleod Founder Woman Hunter Woodsman
Lilytiger Provost Hobbit Hunter Tinker
Belegmoth Provost Elf Lore-master Historian
Tryggvij Provost Dwarf Guardian Armourer
Maplebee Provost Hobbit Warden Yeoman
Twospirits Provost Elf Lore-Master Yeoman
Noladreth Kinswoman Elf Lore-Master Historian
Elthorp Kinsman Man Champion Tinker
McGiggle Kinsman Elf Rune-Keeper Explorer
Grimwines Kinsman Man Burglar Explorer
Muroth Kinsman Dwarf Guardian Armourer
Sparkstone Kinsman Dwarf Rune-Keeper Explorer
Lesofwyn Kinswoman Woman Minstrel Explorer
Fucho Kinsman Hobbit Burglar Tinker
Twooaks Kinsman Elf Hunter Woodsman
Starkord Kinsman Dwarf Champion Historian
Songhiem Kinsman Man Minstrel Armourer
Honeymaple Kinswoman Hobbit Minstrel n/a
Frenal Recruit Dwarf Minstrel Historian
Leranthel Recruit Elf Lore-Master Explorer
Soluna Recruit Elf Hunter Woodsman
Amunayla Recruit Elf Hunter N/A

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