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The Foppish Lords
Social-The Foppish Lords.jpg
World: Landroval
Founded: June 27, 2016
Founder: Taulae
Leader: Taulae
Co-leader: Bothinator
Kin Hall: Tol Falthui
Homestead: Carglad
Region: Cape of Belfalas


The Foppish Lords is a rank 8 kinship that welcomes all races.
We like fun, shenanigans, ridiculous emotes, and outrageous hats! Party-poopers not welcome.

Kinship History

Founded by a woman and her husband from the American South, The Foppish Lords originated as a private kinship of close-knit real-life friends who do Let's Play videos in their spare time. We found a virtual home in LotRO and enjoyed life far too much to remain an exclusive kinship indefinitely. There's a little bit of everything at The Foppish Lords. A performing minstrel. Crafting facilities on the private island, including a supplier and premium ingredient crate. Guilded crafters of every profession. We do instances and skirmishes if the fancy strikes us, and we have members all across the experience spectrum. We're all too happy to help beginning players, because, well, several members still are beginning players. This is not a serious raid or PVP kinship. We take life at a slow, relaxed pace. We throw festivities on our island during special occasions and just enjoy being in the game world. If you're too competitive a gamer for that, this is likely not the kinship for you.


We're a close-knit kin made up of good friends. To join, you simply have to play with us and absolutely do not take yourself seriously. If we enjoy being around you, and you're not spoken for by another kin, we'll probably slip a subtle invite in with conversation. Also, you could ask one of us.


  • Taulae
  • Bothinator
  • Bothinette
  • Bolfinette
  • Athernil
  • Merivel
  • Feyrric
  • Malthenri
  • Dinental
  • Morfaroth
  • Khazik
  • Lossenaran
  • Aldeskar
  • Altissima

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