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Kinship: Men of Bree

In the top three of largest kinships on the Imladris server, the Men of Bree (MoB) are a Kinship founded by Goldenbeard. Goldenbeard, along with Stark, Redemption, and several other gamers, are known for founding the League of Warriors as well. The Men of Bree have their own website at

Master of the Men of Bree

The Mastery of the Men of Bree is actually of some question, given the kin's recent inactivity.

Men of Bree: Our Provosts (Officers)

Our Provosts are not chosen at random. They are to be disciplined and loyal to the Kinship. In order to be promoted you must apply through our website @ The Provost Council then discuss and vote on it. You must get a majority vote by all active Council members in order to receive the promotion. Becoming a Provost in the Men of Bree isn't as easy as most. We have higher standards. Soon, the standards will be raised, permitting few to reach this much sought-after position in the Men of Bree.

Men of Bree: Creed

The Men of Bree believe that patience is a virtue. We believe quality is greater than quantity -- And we have both. Over 1000 members strong, our Provosts ensure that everything in the kinship is kept running smoothly. Most major accomplishments take time to develop. In the same way, our men take time to grow and gain experience.

Our goal is to nurture the members of our kinship and raise them to grow to be mighty, experienced, and noble soldiers. If you believe that our kinship alone is not sufficient to support your needs, then ask a member of one of our allies League of Warriors. The Men of Bree are not merely an army of battle-crazed freaks; We also are composed of shrewd businessmen, experienced explorers, mighty warriors, skilled crafters, and nearly every other type of person. We are all kind, mature, no matter our age, and we take pleasure in helping other kinsman, and even those that are not in our kin