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Who we are

We're a old mixed kinship on the [EU] Evernight moved from the [EU] Eldar server. We've recently had a massive loss of interest from our Founders and have had to reform the Kin from the ground up.

We are now a mixed language kinship with English as main language.

We're currently a Rank 10 kin with three level 100 on the top.

Since we currently are to small to do 12 or 24 man raids alone we are proud members of the E.R.A Alliance.
If you don't know of it, it was a group of kinships that raided together on the Eldar server (Eldar Raid Allience).

The E.R.A Alliance is dead, long live E.R.A Alliance.. But we keep struggeling. We are NOT a so called raiding kin however we enjoy and like raiding from time to time and if any nice kin is interested we are interested in forming a new alliance.

We have a Kinship House in the 5 Long Street, Worgall, Bree-land Homesteads.
We have a website, forum and our own TeamSpeak server.

Our Leader

Screemerthalion level 100 Elf Guardian

  • Nickname = Screemer

Our Co-Leader

Eresthir level 75 Elf Champion

Our Council

Leader: Screemerthalion
CoLeader: Eresthir

Our Services

We currently have a MYTH website, MYTH forum and Ventrilo voice server online.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to have a Kinship everyone feel at home in. No one should be ashamed or harassed for asking a question or asking for help. No one should insult another or in any other way harass another Kin member.

All this is in the Kin rules :)

We are and want to be a small kinship, we don't want to be more than about 100 members. The main reason for this is we want to keep the kinship intimate and close. Preferably everyone should have quested at least once with everyone.


We are a non-roleplaying kinship, but if you feel you like roleplaying it's allrigt to do so, just don't expect all of us to follow your lead..:)

Joining and Recruitment Rules


Contact us on-line: 2 officers are available to ask at the present. Either ask Screemer, Eresthir for recruitment.

Web: Apply

Recruitment Rules

Minimum level: We currently demand a minimum level of 20 for your main char

Age requirements: We currently allow people with the real-life age of at least 16

These rules are set by our council and might be changed at any time without further notice. Exceptions from these rules can only be done by our council or via our councils approvement.

Recruitment Status

Currently Recruiting