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This is a directory of guides, mostly external (non-wiki).

Beginner's Guides

  • LOTRO: Basics Guide - A general guide detailing information and topics. Great for new players starting out. May help some experienced players, but mainly for beginner's.

Video Guides

  • LOTRO Gaming - An all-around LOTRO-based YouTube channel dedicated to helping people learn about LOTRO. Includes Class Guides, Instance/Raid Walkthroughs, and Landscape Highlights.

Class Guides

F2P Guides

  • Acquiring LOTRO Points from Deeds - The perfect levelling guide for an F2Per who doesn't want to spend money on the game. Also included are detailed charts for every zone and race listing which deeds give LOTRO Points and how much.

Map Guides

  • LOTRO Dynamic Map - This site has all of the maps in the game, along with the location of every deed, quest item, warband, and all vendor services.

Gold Guides

Crafting Guides

Legendary Item Guides