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The following fansites write regularly about LOTRO. Note that LOTRO-wiki is not in any way affiliated with, nor responsible for the content of these sites.

  • German LotRO Guide German LotRO Guide; cosmetics, gameplay, housing, festival guides and much more.
  • Dadi's LOTRO Guides Website dedicated to LOTRO combat guides, including videos of the newest instances.
  • Hungarian LOTRO fansite with news, guides and a forum.
  • LOTRO Players Community hub with event news, a podcast, guides, fan fiction and occasionally giveaways.
  • The White Turkish LotR community with a forum and guides. Nowadays also covers fantasy and sci-fi popular culture.
  • The Laurelin Archives - The roleplaying platform of Laurelin that connects the community with events and allows users to show their fan fiction and fan art.

List of Social Networking Services for LOTRO

Social networking services, or "social media", are platforms that connect people. In-game, the most prevalent social group is the kinship, and kinship chat facilitates communication between members. Social networking platforms can be used by kinships or alliances to do the same thing outside the game, allowing members to communicate when they cannot or chose not to login to LOTRO. Additionally, many networking platforms encourage connecting to new people with the same interests, resulting in online game communities consisting of people that have not necessarily met in-game.

  • Enjin A service providing free hosting and website creation for guilds. Features include a forum, a calendar for events, rosters, galleries, multi-level admin and member access and themes. Enjin is popular among LOTRO kinships because it offers advanced customization options for free and is easy to use.
  • Facebook The official LOTRO account on Facebook. In addition to following this account, many LOTRO players actively participate in conversations in LOTRO server groups that are founded and moderated by volunteers. Most people use their real life accounts, therefore groups are set to private: only members can see what is discussed within.
  • Twitter (#LOTRO) LOTRO hashtag on Twitter. Many LOTRO players have created Twitter handles for their in-game identities and tweet about the latest LOTRO news and their in-game adventures. The official LOTRO account is @lotro.
  • Uberchar Social networking service dedicated to MMO players. It allows for creating profiles for your characters, forming or finding kinships and connecting to old fellow players. If you connect your LOTRO characters to, it will automatically publish updates of your in-game achievements. It is also possible to upload screenshots, tag friends and comment on the latest news.

For a complete overview of LOTRO's official social media, see Category:Social.

List of PvMP Websites for LOTRO

  • LOTRO Daily PvMP Statistics The LOTRO Daily Stats site parses mylotro leaderboard information daily and displays both current daily gains as well as history since the release of the initial leaderboards. The site offers PvMP news as well as extensive information regarding PvMP

List of dormant fansites

The following fansites have not been updated for over six months, but still contain useful and diverting information.

  • Allakhazam News site covering LOTRO. Last updated September 2014.
  • Almar's Fansite containing guides to many MMORPG's, including LOTRO. Up to date as of Mines of Moria. Class guides for Rune-keeper and Warden available, Beorning is missing.
  • Golden Treasure Inside is Hid - A blog dedicated to compiling Tolkien Easter eggs, lore nuggets, and other fun facts about the Lord of the Rings Online game. Last updated May 2013.
  • - Free videos, guides, maps, walkthroughs, and tips created by a LOTRO fanatic. Up to date as of Siege of Mirkwood.
  • Lotro Life - News, guides, exclusive screenshots, comics, and more. Last updated January 2012.
  • Lotro Stylist - Outfit ideas for the Lord of the Rings Online. Last updated September 2015.