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Snowbourn [English]

(Link to Monster Play Tribes)

  • Aegean Eagles - A lifespan rank 10 (maximum reached) Greek Kinship started on the Gilrain server with many active members. Supreme Masters in all professions, Kinship House in Bree, and of course friends throughout many other kinships. We are very helpful to lower levels, organizing deeds, epic quests, PvMP and of course raids where we use our own Ventrilo channels. Find out more and get our daily updated news on our website. For any further information contact in-game Thunderguard, Koukouldor, Carmelita, Nekromantis, Astarti, Loyisildur.
  • Awakening - A home for players who would love to progress on raids in a bit more casual and family style. We welcome everyone in this kinship and welcome everyone to join our events. We allow everyone to raid with us, however we try to improve everyone while raiding with us (without improvement there is no progression).
  • Aeon Knights - Is a rank 10 international kinship active in Snowbourn since 2007. The members of our kinship are friendly, helpful and always ready for action. We also have our Kinshiphall, KinBank, Lotteries and various Events available for our members. We use our own TS3, main spoken language – English. Aeon Knights also gave birth to First Knights, The Silver Shadows, eXodus, Protected, Dirty Dozen and some other minor kinships on the server. For more information visit our web page:
  • The Ancient Ones - One of the oldest kinships on the Snowbourn server formed in beta we truly are Ancient! We are an active rank 10 kinship with a kin house, kin site and teamspeak server. We have members from different age groups and cultures. We are interested in all aspects of the game raiding,questing,crafting,skirmishing,RP and other events. We have some of the most kindest and respectful players in the game who are all very friendly and up for anything and we welcome any others who are interested. If you are interested please check out our kin site or get in contact with an officer in game (Dailli,Lyllie,Aztaroth,Wolftear,Stefadan,Ostall.)
  • Axe Wielders - A moderately sized and very active kin with players from all over Europe. We love to help each other, laugh about the mistakes we make, and learn from them as well, and cheer on the battles we've won! Whether you are a casual player or an MMO devourer, it makes no difference to us. Almost every evening there is an opportunity to join a fellowship and fight the most important battles the history of Middle-Earth has known: the ones in which you are the hero!
  • Bed and Breakfast at Isengard - Small relaxed English speaking kinship with players from all over Europe. Supreme crafters of all professions, and lots of experience - mainly of getting killed.
  • Black Company Old-school DAoC players, originally Russian, originally from Excalibur-Midgard... spread all over MMO worlds now
  • The Blades of Arnor - The Blades of Arnor are the descendants of the honour guard of Eärendur, the last king of ancient Arnor. The kinship has members from all over Europe and it adheres to the principle that gaming should be fun and relaxed without the commitments and expectations that many gaming groups demand. The Blades of Arnor is one of the oldest Lord of the Rings Online kinships in Europe.
  • The Casual Travellers We all play just because it's fun, and only for as long as it's fun. We all have lives, this is just a game. UK-based, but with members from many European countries.
  • Circle of Trust - Fun, relaxation, and friendship for older, casual players with family/real life commitments.
  • Crafters of Moria Last information 2011 is a young, fast growing kinship with enthusiastic players. Feel free to inform one of our senechals at any time.
  • Czech Crusaders - CZ/SK Kinship Do odvolání je omezena žádost pro vstup do Kinu minimálním lvl postavy 25. Kinship preferuje hráče starší 18ti let. Záleží nám hlavně na povaze hráče a na jeho chování (slušnost a spravedlivost). Otevřeli jsme vrátka f2p hráčům.
  • Dark Templars - Dark Templars Gaming clan , founded 7years ago , we play all sorts of games and make home for the online gaming community to talk and share about games started in the beta release in lotro and stayed in lotro ever since A rank 10 kinship with outstanding players from casual to HC players and raiders we welcome everyone!Very friendly and helpfull so if u are looking for a nice clan/kin to be in come check us out! u wont regret it !
  • Divide Et Impera Last activity 2012 - A friendly & helpful multi national kinship with members is such countries as UK, Holland, & Slovenia. A strong emphasis on having fun & helping people (Not just those in our Kinship)
  • Divine Legend - Last activity 2012 With over 8 years of experience in MMORPG's, Divine Legend is an experienced guild of mature players with casual raiding, high end questing and monster play. Key elements of team work and respect being the drive for long term success as a community.
  • Dutch Dunedain - Biggest, oldest, friendliest and most active dutch kinship on Snowbourn. We've got over 60 active lvl65 players, weekly raids in Dar Narbugad, Vile Maw and Barad Guldur, use TeamSpeak 3 for optimal communication (also for social fun stuff), and use DKP to divide loot fairly. We are currently not recruiting, but when the doors are open again: min age 18, min lvl 40.
  • Electric Sheep Last activity 2008 - A mature, friendly kinship with a strong emphasis on helping each other achieve objectives. Casual and hardcore players of all levels welcome.
  • Element Zero - Element Zero are a very large, multi-game guild with very active groups in games ranging from MMO's, FPS and strategy. We currently have over 300 active members spanning all the games. Our YouTube channel is on . In the LOTRO section we are dedicated to end game content, aiming to tackle and overcome the newest raids/instances while still having fun in the process. We are a raid orientated kin but are also very active in PvP, host server wide events on a regular basis and have an excellent reputation across the server.
  • Eternity - We are an international kinship with members from all over Europe. Eternity can best be classed as semi-hardcore kinship. We have some casual players and hardcore players. The speed you level isn't an issue...but some are just addicted. Three fixed days per week for kinship group raids. The Eternity founding members and first recruits can be classed as capable and competent MMO Veterans with a variety of backgrounds in games (SWG, eVe, DAoC and WoW). All members are 18+, but majority is in the late twenties. We earn respect by giving respect. Busy Kinchat & Voicecom. Friendly and always joking around with each other. Making funny screenies from place we visit etc. Sleep-over Party with Earth-Kin, Harrassing Giants and what ever seems funny. Basicly we have fun with each other and always play as much togheter when possible.
  • Exiles of Gilrain - Rapidly expanding kin, just moved over from the Gilrain server hence the name. A lot of us are into PVP but we also cover all the bases for raids/instances/crafting etc. 25 man Teamspeak server and always on the lookout for new members; just be friendly and polite.
  • Figli di Eorl - Non-RP Italian La nostra gilda, aperta a tutti i giocatori di lingua italiana, è formata da un determinato e affiatato gruppo di ragazzi e ragazze provenenti da tutto lo stivale e oltre, riuniti dalla passione comune per le opere di J.R.R. Tolkien ed in particolare Il Signore degli Anelli.
  • First Knights - First Knights (wiki page)is a Kinship for all mature gamers. Also for those that no longer spend large amounts of hours playing a Multi Player Online Game, because of their real life commitments. That being said, some of us do play a lot and we run weekly(ish) raids and do the other instances regularly. Our prime goal is to have fun.
  • Force Of The Alliance - Last activity 2010 We are a friendly casual LOTRO kinship based on the server 'Snowbourn'. We formed our Kinship on April 14 2007, but have many kin that have been playing since the Beta, and most are experienced in many other MMORPGs aswell. All players welcome.
  • Forth Eorlingas - Forth Eorlingas is a Greek Kinship playing on [EN] Snowbourn server. We accept all Greek - speaking players of any level - race - class. Our philosophy is helping each other by sharing items, resources and manpower where needed. The leaders are Partoferto and Tearwulf. People with web building knowledge and more players in the kinship is a priority.
  • Hardstylers Growing kinship focusing on daily PVMP and HM PvE T2C raiding We are recruiting people. Contact an officer if you are interested to join (/who Hardstylers). (Note: There have been many adverse comments about this kin).
  • The Hidden Council - A friendly active Kinship set up by three players who were tired of being lost in massive Kins, or stuck in tiny Kins which meant /lff were always required. We are one of the only Kins who all live in the same neighbourhood!! We have a chat server and website with lots of helpful information and friendly banter and encourage all members to take part. We invite casual and hardcore players who love PVP and PVE alike as we have a mix of all play styles. We love our Kin and all learn from each for all those veterans...and those new to the plains of Middle-Earth come run along side the Council members...
  • The Hunters of Middle Earth Last activity 2012 - A fun, chatty kin that often gets together and has fun. We love to help whoever we can and are saving up for a kin house. We don't take ourselves extremely seriously but we require our members to at least be modestly mature. Come on and join us! We are led by Nonsmoker and Whitepeony, two awesome leaders!
  • Knights Templar - We are an English speaking, multi national kin, on Snowbourn, aimed at those who play the game for fun rather than the hardcore gamer. We are a fun, casual, friendly, helpful and somewhat mature group of players who are looking to grow moderately. Recruitment is open to all races, classes and levels.
  • The Last Alliance - The Last Alliance is a Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) Kinship for older gamers (30+) who would like to be able to group with older, more mature, players when they come online. It's also for people who don't have much time to play and aren't interested in a formalised, structured organisation, or in being interviewed before acceptance into a kinship. Most of us have real-life commitments that will take precedence over our gaming (at least some of the time!) We're also known as Grumpy Old Gits, although you'll find some Girl Gamers amongst us too.
  • Mordor's Most Wanted - A rank 10 kinship. Our goal is to create a family feeling within the kin. We have a range of members who are fun, helpful, determined and willing to help out others, including those who want to take part in all instances, raids and endgame content as well as those who just want to play their own way. Our leaders and officers are all veterans of all the raids and instances in the game. Our mainly mature members (well, in years, anyway!) range from the very experienced to some new players, with one main focus - to enjoy the game.
  • Nexus - A casual raiding kin from all across Europe. Players should be over 18. Nexus have a raid alliance with Riddles in the Dark.
  • Northern Warriors - Northern Warriors is an old established kin that has been around since the game launched. We are a casual and mainly social kin with many friendly and helpful members but we also run instances as often as we can. We are always looking for more members of any class, race or level.
  • Nusilme One of the oldest kins on the server. We are a UK based kinship, with people from all over Europe.
  • Przymierze - Large Polish Kinship. Casual, Semi-casual and Pro players. Frendly atmosphere, players at all levels playing 24/7. All Polish speaking players most welcome.
  • Rangers of Eriador - We are a well-established (Rank 10), large, busy semi-casual kinship with a site that's growing fast and a great community of players. We would love to have absolutely anyone join, of any class and level - including alts in other kins. If you do not find enough information on the link provided, then feel free to send a tell to an officer for more information (/who Rangers of Eriador) and we will be happy to give it.
  • Rest In Peace - Last activity 2010 Old and powerful CZ/SK kinship (from Beta release) which is good enough to conquer all enemies in Middle-Earth. We are a group of hardcore and casual players and we speak Slovak & Czech. ;-)
  • Riddles in the Dark - Riddles in the Dark was founded by a couple of experienced Lotro players. We are a small kin focused on PvE although we do have quite a few people that PvP. Our ongoing aim is completing all end-game whilst maintaining a friendly atmosphere and leaving room for real life commitments.
  • Riders of Rhun - Danish Kinship Dansk kinship hvor der er plads til alle over 18! Vi har Teamspeak server, kører alle former for instances/raids og er aktive i Ettenmoors.
  • Room For Improvement - Why "Room For Improvement"? Because no matter how experienced you are, there's always something more you can learn. And no matter how new you are to LotrO, there's always something you can teach someone else. RFI is founded on the idea that members can help each other to develop both in- and out- of game. We are a large friendly kinship open to all races and all professions.
  • Strážci Cesty - CZ/SK kinship na maximální ranku. Jsme "casual" kin, s přátelskou atmosférou a uvítáme jakéhokoli slušného hráče, ať nováčka nebo zkušeného borce, rádi si necháme i poradit. Chodíme instance a raidy včetně těch nejtěžších. Aktuálně registrujeme přes 500 postav. Stále přijímáme a každý člen má po nějakém čase možnost stát se oficírem. Jsme taktéž jedni z mála, co mají zavedené tzv. "rotující leaderství" - leader se nám mění co 3 měsíce. Takže když se stanete oficírem, máte poté i možnost stát se na určitou dobu naším leaderem:-) Pokud máte zájem o vstup nebo jen nějaké další info, neváhejte se obrátit na naše oficíry, nebo nechte vzkaz někde na našem webu. Seznam oficírů lze najít na stránkách. Těšíme se na vás!
  • The Suffering - The Suffering is a social, semi-casual kin aimed at mature players (+21) even though we do have a very few who are younger. We aim to offer raids once or twice a week, but also cover epic quest lines, deeds and general levelling. We run events with The Knights of the White Tree on a regular basis, too, which allows us to reach a larger audience for our gaming. As a kin, we use Ventrilo (and it is expected that kin members use this at the very least to listen in during raids) and while we like setting challenges to keep things interesting for the more serious players, it would help if you brought a sense of humour for the inevitable wipes. We have started visiting the Ettenmoors more often as a kin and while players vary in rank and experience, the emphasis is on having fun and trying to outfox the enemy (be it creeps, or freeps). We also have a tribe called the Sufferers if you favour playing on the Dark Side. Contact any kin member in game to get you in touch with an officer.
  • Taura Arnor - not big, but cute Czech and Slovak kinship, rank 10, all classes and levels welcome, casual raiders :)
  • Twierdza - First Polish Kinship on Snowbourn, 10 level, over 100 members, friendly, relaxed and mature players. Casual and hardcore players of levels over 15 are welcome!
  • United Kingdoms Last activity 2012 - A UK based kinship for Lord of the Rings Online, giving our members friendship and help through Middle-Earth.
  • United we Stand - An international kinship, which is different to most kinships. Check our charter for more information or contact us ingame.
  • The White Wolves - A multigaming guild with a level 10 kinship on Snowbourn. Member are 18+. A good community of helpful players that regularly do quests and raids. No requirements to join except all members must be over 18.
  • Wiping As Intended - Wiping As Intended was founded on April 2013, and is focused on end-game/T2 HM raiding content. We are a relatively small kinship with members who raid together and have fun together.
  • Wipus Frequentus - A kinship originating on the WoW Magtheridon realm, focusing mostly on casual play. Website states they are no longer active in LOTRO.

Monster Play Tribes

  • The Grumpy Old Gits - initially at least made up of The Last Alliance kinship members.
  • MARVELS tribe - The top PVMP tribe-kinship of the server for the amount of daily infamy. There is a rank required to join us. Visit us @ FB
  • Room For Degenerates - A Monster player extension of the Room For Improvement kinship over on the freep side. No ranks required. Just a good sense of humour and an easy going attitude. Everyone is welcome.
  • Spawn of Draugluin - A Monster Play tribe for Wargs only. There is a rank required to join us.