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English Kinships

  • Lightkeepers of Arda - Created on March 30, 2007 on the first day of Founder's Access to Open Beta, Lightkeepers is Rank 10 and one of the 3 oldest kinships on Silverlode. We are a mature and helpful kinship of close friends that have been gaming together over many different games since 2003. We do not openly recruit, but are happy to help all races, classes, and levels of players across Middle Earth. If we extend an invite to someone new, it is because that individual has fellowed with some of our officers a few times and shown themselves to be a potentially good "fit". After discussion amongst our officer corps, that individual may be sponsored for invitation. While we may not be the most massive population kinship, or greatest "crunchers of content", we do take pride in our accomplishments, the trophies of which are open for viewing at 1 High Road, Uxbridge, Bree-land settlements. Besides crawling through caves and dungeons, or hunting through the beautiful wilds of Arda, we also love impromptu jam sessions at The Pony in Bree. PM Dinidain (leader) or Aramas (heir) in game for more info, to ask for assistance, or to just say hello.
  • Peacekeepers of Arda - Sister-kin (Alt kinship) to the "Lightkeepers of Arda". PM Shabos (leader) or Yehlo (officer) for more info.
  • Lorekeepers of Arda - Brother-kin (Alt kinship) to the "Lightkeepers of Arda". PM Arithir (leader) or Edwardros (officer) for more info.
  • Durins Kin - We are a small, friendly, mature and helpful kinship, open to players of all races, classes and levels of experience. We are "Dedicated to reclaiming Moria." Besides adventures, we also have a fondness for jamming music together in game. PM Nmazie or Nmeglin in game for more info.
  • The Hammerfist Clan - Check out the website. THC is a casual gaming community. If you like to adventure, take your time, and actually immerse yourself in the content, while sharing fun times with mature minded players like yourself. Then they're just what you're looking for.
  • Heroes of Valinor - HOV - HOV is an open kinship for all races and classes on the Silverlode server. We adhere to a policy of fair, honest dealings with our kin mates as well as others that we may meet in game. We respect everyone's privacy and strive to place real world concerns above that of our gaming friends/communities. We support and place importance on our kin mates above others, but openly welcome any and all gamers from the casual to the serious role-players, while respecting each individual's preference for game play. Since solo play is oftentimes the way of things in MMOs, we endeavor to place a greater importance on grouping as a kinship whenever possible, so don't hesitate to let others in the kin know where you are headed, or working on; chances are, someone else needs it too. As a kinship we are focused on all aspects of game play (i.e. crafting, hobbies, epic books, etc.). If this sounds like a place you might want to call home, or just get away from the pressured of leveling and boring deeding, sign up, and we'll see you in game. Leaders: Camweka and Qav
  • House of the Silver Oak - HOTSO - House of the Silver Oak is a casual and family oriented kinship who likes to focus on quality, not quantity. We have been around since before LoTRO and the beginning of DDO. We have a wide variety of players in a family atmosphere.
  • Immortal Empire We are just humble people with gamer mentalities of win and conquer. We help our loyal team as often as possible. Right now we are looking for active players who can just show us what they're made of. We are new but not new to gaming. We also seek advanced players to help progress us to be a top ranking guild.
  • Lords of Brotherhood The Lords of Brotherhood is a laid back Kinship comprised of members joining together from all ranks, experience levels, classes, races and geographical origins. Lords of Brotherhood is a kin that likes to have fun- and members will enjoy the new monthly parties we're hosting.The Kin members love to run Skirmishes and Instances, and our Raid leader has recently implemented a new program of 'Practice Raids' to help everyone transition into one of the best raiding guilds on the server.The Kinship is family friendly. While most of our members are adults, we also have an interesting mix of couples, parents with their young adults- and even some grandparents, too!If you are hoping to join the most helpful, entertaining Kinship on Silverlode, simply give an in-game shout and one of the officers will be happy to speak with you. Worried you won't find a member of the Lords of Brotherhood in your region? Don't be; we have a saying in the Kin: Can't swing a stick without hittin' a Kin member...
  • Noobenóreans - We are a new kinship comprised of seasoned players from a veteran kinship that has sailed into the west. Some of us have played together since the First Age, or at least 2008. As such, our kinship is new in name but mature in nature. We see LOTRO as more than the end game of top-tier items, optimized character stats and serious bling, but as a play experience. We provide mutual aid by helping to level, crafting gear, completing quests & deeds, and tackling top-tier content for challenge and spoils. Each week we aim to brave the walls of Helm’s Deep, challenge raids at level cap and lay siege to forts in the Moors.
  • The Pale White Riders - An Adult group of gamers and friends for PVP and PVE play. We have Vent & T.S. servers with players in all the latest games. Currently we have players from New Zealand, Europe, and United States. Very team orientated, helpful, polite, and active. If interested please whisper or mail Cerberous in game and he will make sure to respond a.s.a.p.
  • Protectors of The Blessed Realm - Group of like minded people enjoying the works of J.R.R. Tolkien's World of Middle Earth. We are a growing, easy going Rank 10 kinship. We are focused on helping our members succeed in the game. We have a kinship house near the water, ready for events. All classes, races and levels are welcome. Enjoy the game, your grand journey is about to begin... MISSION STATEMENT: To strive for a large endgame orientated raid group, while continuously assisting lower level players with this achievement as well, if they so desire. - Nimthos
  • Rising Phoenix - A Kinship to laugh and have fun with. A Bunch of great people willing to help if needed. We welcome all players but first visit the site. If your laid-back gamer or a hardcore one, we welcome everyone.
  • Scarlet Underground - is a guild made up mostly of experienced, mature MMOGers with a community history dating back to the early days of the original Everquest. Born from the remnants of the Everquest guild on Terris-Thule, we continue the guild's rich tradition of being perhaps not the most uber guild, but most certainly one of the most well respected in the community. We continue to be a small, tight-knit group of individuals who value friendship and family over levels and loot.
  • The Shadowhunters - Shadowhunters is a small group of mature game players who play LOTRO for fun.
  • Skalds of Asgard - We are a new and small kinship, helping new players through the game. We like to craft and to do skirmishes. If you would like to join us, please sens a message on our website.
  • Stalwarts of Eriador - We are the Stalwarts of Eriador, and we play for fun. We accept anyone and everyone. No level limit. Contact Sinorm by /tell or mail in-game for info.
  • Wardens of Justice - A rank 10 social kin, we have max level players in every class and every craft to help you learn tradeskills, instances & raids, skirmishes, solo and group play, your epic, PvP/PvMP, and playing in music mode. PST to Eddweena or Emmeleia to join our family.
  • Warsong Nation - one of the most experienced kinships on server and one of the most active kinships at the moment. We are social, helpful and most of all fun. Everyone is welcome to join our big family.
  • The White Council The White Council is a group of people where hanging out and exploring Middle Earth is in the first place. We wish that in the White Council are gathered those that love the history of Middle Earth and magnificent works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Also we are trying to organize events time to time where we can hang out, jam together, and have fun. If you want to join contact Sabraeel or Ninvamaer in game. Yanwe min mairan nimgur in melethon wed lumquenta. Namnarie mellon!

Spanish Kinships (Kinships Latinas)

  • Hispania Hispania es una de las kinships latinas más grandes del juego, y a la vez kinship oficial de la Comunidad Hispania en Silverlode. Recibimos a todo tipo de personas mientras hablen español, y nos gusta siempre trabajar el concepto de Kinship Familiar (algo más cercano que social). De seguro te gustará jugar con nosotros si buscas donde aprender, compartir, reír, equiparte, y disfrutar del contenido del juego... ¡y sin aburrirte!