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NOTE: The Riddermark server is closed. The kinships listed below remain for historical purposes only.

  • The Black Veil Mercenaries is a maxed rank kinship that is mature and helpful. We are very laid back and willing to assist players of all levels. We are looking for enthusiastic players who like to have a good time and advance in the game. No personal agendas here, just a willingness to assist others with crafting, leveling, skirmishes and fellowships, or even have some fun with player-made events, role-playing and so much more. We have players in a variety of time zones, so you can almost always find us online. Come see what a real benefit a kinship can be!
  • The Brethren is a Rank 5 Kinship created 7 September 2010, the day the game became Free-to-Play. Founded by a family of long term LotRO players, our goal is to provide a fun community to play this awesome game with, while providing all the knowledge that any new player would need. Currently we are focusing on helping people new to LotRO learn the ropes and have fun. We do this through answering any questions people may have, as well as grouping for skirmishes, quests, and instances. We have an active kinship bank system, as well as weekly lottos for members to win money, and monthly contests. We have a ventrilo server available, though not required, and over 140 active members...which means there are people on all the time. At the moment, we are recruiting by invite only...but this will most likely change in the near future.
  • Dae Wars Is a new and upcoming Kinship of all levels, classes and races and are looking for more members to join our Kinship.We currently span over a variety of games and after some interest in LOTRO we've decided to open up a Kinship within this game. We're looking for all types of players to join our fun and friendly community and grow as a Kinship, and a community together as a whole. If you are looking for a friendly, fun new Kinship full of helpful people, join and be a part of Dae Wars - LOTRO. Stop by our website and apply on our forums.
  • Dauntless is a new rank 4 kinship with active players helping each other out. Our candidates in this kin are social, fun-loving players who are recruiting and welcoming to everyone. We look for active, any-level characters. Please send a mail to Alyia of Riddermark for your invitation!
  • Hijos de Iluvatar kinship pensada en los jugadores de habla hispana que quieran integrarse a un buena comunidad dentro de LOTRO para mejorar su experiencia de juego. Surge a partir de la necesidad e importancia del teamspeak coordinado para instances, raids y PvMp. Somos fundadores de la primera Kinship latina de Riddermark y nos interesa más que nada pasar un buen rato juntos. Lifespan rank 8, contamos con una buena base de jugadores tanto nuevos como experimentados, tanto razas como clases variadas, aunque sin embargo no tenemos la gran cantidad de integrantes con la que otras kinship cuentan,en comparacion (debido a la diferencia entre cantidad de jugadores latinos y americanos/europeos en el servidor). Se hace un poco de todo; roleo, crafting, instancias de grupo, quests y se ayuda tanto a miembros nuevos como veteranos. De momento (por motivo del F2P) aún no somos high level pero, claro esta, se organizarán raids e idas a Ettenmoors. Incluso se tiene pensado expandir la Kin a un Tribe latina de PvMp. No nos interesa si eres hardcore o casual player, si eres nuevo o viejo conocido de los mmorpg, o si sabes manejar tu clase, acá no hay presiones porque lo importante es pasarse un rato divertido. Interesados contacten a BrianMagno(lvl65), Narir(lvl51) ,Briandor(lvl49) o Vanpercie(lvl 34).
  • Keepers of Caras Galadhon: is casual, player focused kinship lead by Celepharon and Ievgen. We accept recruits of any lvl however to be fully a kinsmen of the Keepers you'd have to get friend standing with the Galadhrim.
  • Keepers of the Palantiri is a Rank 10 kin on Riddermark created by experienced American and European players. We are a medium-sized community and raiding kin, catering for both casual and hardcore players, with a fun and friendly atmosphere. We have a Kinhouse in the Shire, a website, and we use a RaidCall server for chat and kin runs. For raiding we employ a modified DKP system and require all raiders use RaidCall. Inquire for raid times. We run all content, old and new, and attempt new raids immediately on release. Contacts: Belnavar, Glumposneak, Hollyberye, Minkz, Oluvar, Osclin.
  • The Legacy of Minas Ithil is a rank 5 kinship (as on 23rd May 2011), all classes, levels, races are invited and welcome to join this kinship with the only condition that all members have to actively participate in the kin-chat whenever possible. Members who do not participate actively receives no demerit however. The kinship currently supports more than 70 members, the majority of them who are very active and helpful. Crafting talents are invited to assist members by crafting for each other, as well, our members would also provide crafting material loots to these crafting talents to assist them in achieving greater crafting capabilities. For anyone and everyone who are interested in a fun-loving, kin-bonded and chatty kinship, feel free to join us! To locate us, we are on the Riddermark server with at least an officer online between 10am - 10pm (GMT+8/+10), and you can contact Jogey, Natharimir, Clognio, Illon or Erosid via in-game IM, or alternatively, mail.
  • Lords of Moria - We are a rank 10 kinship founded in November 2010, making it one of the oldest kinships on the server. We accept members of all levels, classes, races. Our aim is to create a large, informed player base to make your gaming experience the best it can be. We engage in many kinship activities including social events such as parties, events, snowball fights, and role-play to raiding, questing, deeding, and much more! If you want to stop exploring Middle Earth alone and join a family ask for an invite in glff or send a letter to Aleziana, Cuorn, Rodlang, Saurio, or Falcoln.
  • Makin this look easy - We are a rank 10 kinship and we are accepting all levels. We will help you with all your needs so if you would like to join send mail or glff Icefangs, Siffeth, Erumirel or Rcogoon. We hope to hear from you!
  • Northern Blades Is a rank 4 Kinship as of Jan 22, 2013. We strive to be a friendly kinship that helps one another with Crafting, Questing, and eventually raiding.We accept players of all level, class, and race. We are a role-playing kinship and try to keep a family friendly/relaxed atmosphere. Any member caught insulting another player or causing trouble inside or outside the kinship will be removed from the kinship. As we are a new kinship we are in need of good officers willing to take leadership and help the kinship grow. Contact Malfuin, Gliri, Emoryn, Or Garthrod by IM or mail if you are interested in joining our kinship.
  • Omen is a level 8 Kinship and always seeking new souls to honor Eriador with. Whether it be cleansing the Halls of Moria, or protecting the Shire from Goblins, or purifying the once great lands of Ered Luin, Omen is always the first to enter the fray, and the last to leave its battles. No Orc is safe, no Oathsworn unchased, no Dourhands or servants of The Dark Lord not decimated by the ranks of Omen. We are a gathering of souls for greater things, yet we do not shy away from delving into the mists alone, neither. The Hunter, Saen or Captain Anaithus will be more than willing to accept new souls for the fray. In Omen, you define your rank, you define your permissions, you define Omen. We do monthly Gauntlets/Tournaments, weekly Lore/Turbine Point farming, and nightly leveling/dungeon runs. Remember us, for when the best, simply isn't good enough.
  • Parents of Middle Earth was founded on the concept that family is the first priority and playing LOTRO is meant to be fun and relaxing - not another source of stress. Our founding members all desired to be part of a helpful, inclusive, mature and respectful kinship with fun, family-friendly communications. We welcome couples, single parents, alternative families, and grandparents. Please contact Faragrim, Faramax, Geezo, or Koschei in-game or complete an application on our website and we'll contact you.
  • Phoenix Rising-We are currently a rank 6 kin. we accept members of all levels and experiance, our motto has and always will be Friends, Family:Kin. Our founding ideals that all voices matter and this should be a place that people can come to relax. we have weekly combat and social activities, and all members are warm and friendly to each other as well as new folks who join us. If you wish to become part of this family, you may contact me. Look for "Nada" "Shiera" "Chuma" or "Kiteiku". We look foward to you joining us.
  • Righteous Indignation is a Rank 7 Kinship on the Riddermark Server which was Founded on September 7th, 2010 at 8:39PM EST. We are the oldest Kinship on the Server. We have a Heavy Focus on End-Game Raiding and PvMP. We use a Ventrillo server for Voice Communication as well as a Modified DKP system for fair loot distribution. If you are interested in joining a great Family of fun people who are always willing to help and have a good time while demolishing some of the toughest content Turbine has created, stop by our website and apply.
  • Second Breakfasts is a casual style kinship on the Riddermark server, striving to create a nice community of friends and to build a social support structure as we adventure through Middle Earth. Our goal is to make the gaming experience enjoyable to all, and what could be more enjoyable than a delicious Second Breakfast, served in one of the many inns of the Shire. We welcome new members from every time zone, every country, and every level. We have many experienced players in our kin that can help you by answering any questions you may have. We also have many experienced crafters that know all there is to know about crafting. Want to join? Find us on the Riddermark server! There's always someone of our kin either in Bree, or in the GLFF channel. Ask for Shanah!
  • Servants of Morgoth is a Rank 5 kinship named after Morgoth, the original dark lord from the fictional world of J.R.R. Tolkein, from whom all evil in Middle-Earth ultimately stems. We our a mature kin with over 100 active members who participate in skirmishes and quests together daily. Since nothing can stop Morgoth, become his servant and join our rise to power. Whether you are an experienced player or are just starting out, we will gladly except any new recruits. Unlike most kinships we promote recruits for being active and helping others, so you can join and be promoted right away if you do so. Contact "Snackob", "Snipecg", or "Ediltar" in Riddermark for any questions or a kinship invite. Join us and Serve the Dark Lord's Power!
  • Shards of Narsil is a Rank 7 kinship who enjoy friendly discussions, skirmishes, instances and questing together. We are a casual, laid back kin. You will never be required to do anything you do not want to do, thats the domain of wives and bosses. If interested in joining, contact us in-game or via our website. Happy Gaming!
  • Spirits of Mattachine is a rank 10 kin on Riddermark. We are a casual, gay-friendly kin. We have several gay kin members but we strive to be an all-encompassing community. We welcome all mature, respectful adults, regardless of sexual orientation. We are searching for mature people (16+ please) of any class, race and level to join our family. We hope to concentrate on running epic quests and instances together and in general hanging out and having fun. Our officers have many years of experience running guilds and kins. We run weekly contests for gold and use TeamSpeak. If you would like to know more about us, please check out our website or contact Jarno, Hydan, Manabratt, or Ezora in-game.
  • XIII Division - We are a Rank 4 Kinship founded by Perkons with Beam as his successor. With members of all levels we thrive to help all members with anything they need. Yes we are a young kinship but we are aiming to be a strong and large kinship and to have members online to cater for all levels that would simply like for someone to assist them on a quest to getting together a raid or a 6-man fellowship for a classic instance. If you see anyone in-game with "XIII Division" under their name and you wish to join up with us, send them a tell and they will be able to get someone to recruit you. Look out for "Abley" "Perkons" "Skardar" "Fucile" "Nalco" or "Beam" for a legit kinship invite.