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This article is a Kinship information page

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official LOTRO history or occurrences which are accurate for all worlds.
The kinships and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.


  • Ancients - The Ancients Guild was originally established on Gaheris server of Dark Age of Camelot in 2002. We also have a guild on WoW. In general this a is a guild for people over 30 years of age who want to have fun. No pressure and lots of chat :) [May 2015: Apparently no longer existent: URL was invalid]
  • The Army of Durin's Kin - We are an all dwarf kinship, created on June 30, 2015. The founding of this kinship was based on a principle, the strength of Dwarves is mighty. If you are a dwarf and looking for a kinship look no more you are home. We value Honor, Strength and honesty. We Dwarves have to look out for each other. If you are interested in join the Kinship Look for a member, or message Dornilli. May your beard be long and may you and kin be happy! (Dwarf only kinship)
  • The Army of the Valar - A small Kin founded in early 2012. As of March 12,2012 it had 32 members. It is Kin which takes in all sorts of people. It will take any: class, race, gender (In game and out) or level. This is a Kin where the leader actually asks questions and takes advice from others. They give you full Kin status when you are recruited and there is always someone to say welcome and hello. If you like socializing, helping others and an over all sense of well being then the Army of the Valar is for you.
  • Arnorian Remnants - LOTRO kinship established March 2012 on Elendimir. We are currently quite a small kin (about 20 total players) and we take all levels, classes and styles of play (so, if you are a casual player or a hardcore PVMP player, you will be welcome to join). Our eventual goal will be to have a great community, run every raid in the game at least once and have a small PVMP team. We are always looking for new members, so Contact Naranthor, or Moopycooe, or any of the other officers for an invite.
  • Cornell Union - We are a kinship that welcomes players of all levels, and focuses on improving crafting skills through sharing resources and providing materials for players to grow. People of all nationalities and levels can join.
  • Celtic Social Club - CSC welcomes all players. The kinship leader is [| Merlinous]. We enjoy questing, crafting, deeds, and much more. CSC is a teaching kin, and is a closely knit kinship and all players are welcome. Rank 10 kin. Features a kin website, Discord, and Belfalas kinhouse.
  • Chimeran Guard - Based off a Group IRL and have been around for over 10 years with there two founding members starting a kinship in Middle Earth. Located in the North-West area of the Bronhaven Neighborhood in the Bree-land Homestead. They are a level 7 kinship and have there own set of Superior Crafting Facility's at there Kinship house located in Bronhaven, Bree-land. They work together to help all members with both level of self and there level of craft. All are welcome no matter there Race, Level, Class, or Skill.
  • The Companions Of Middle-Earth - currently small, but eager to recruit, willing to help any in need of advise, crafted items and fun.
  • Council of Virtue - We are a laid back group of friendly individual's who value team work and friendship. We are looking for mature players, who want to work as a team to advance in all aspects of the game. We will be helping each other to level up and master our trade skills. [May 2015: Apparently no longer existent: URL was invalid]
  • Dark Horizon - Dark Horizon is a newly formed Kinship. We love to fellowship and help out with professions and whatnot. We are looking for level 25+ players of all classes. To join send a PM or mail to Daggarith please.
  • Dagnir oi Hen - The Dagnir oi Hen (Bane of the Eye in Sindarin) requests the help of all the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth in its efforts to eradicate the enemy once and for all. We are also willing to work together with other kinships for massive raids when the need arises.
  • Defilers of Evil - We are a small kin looking to expand, yet still remain small enough that everyone knows everyone. We are laid back and enjoy doing group quests and raids together. We welcome anyone who wants to have a friendly no drama atmosphere. If your interested in joining us please fill out a application on the forums of our website with a lil info about yourself and why you would like to join us.
  • Dragon Snacks - A friendly group that's core players are carried over from other MMOs. Come look at our website if you are interested in a new home with experienced players and feel free to send tells to our members in game if you want info on our kinship. See you in game.
  • Echoes of Chaos - A smaller guild of more casual mature players looking for fun and friendship. The core group has been gaming together for many years through different MMOs and we are happy to accept new friends to join us in our adventures. For more information or to contact someone about joining please see our web site.
  • ~Epic~ - A fun group of mature experienced players looking to accomplish end game material.
  • Exiles of Valinor - Small mixed group of players looking to have fun. Some of our members have some MMO experience such as (SWG, CoH/CoV, WoW, Liange 2, FFXI, EQ, EQ2, and more) while others are fairly new. We don't have any requirements in participation (such as Raids). We do like to help other players. Check out our forums (in the link) and feel free to post on any topic that interests you.
  • Explorers of Heaven's Apocalypse - Founded by Tatines in December of 2010, we are a group of like-minded, level-headed players, accepting new members all the time. Experienced players are willing to help the new/low-level players with quests, crafting, and advice. We maintain a high level of communication, both about the game and about the world beyond computers. All classes are welcome regardless of level, we will help you train and before you know it you're level 65!
  • Eyes of Manwë - Like Lord Manwë’s most esteemed eagles we strive to assist the free people of middle earth by lending them a helping hand in there mission to defeat evil. Though our numbers may be few we have the strength to endure the many battle that lie ahead.
  • Feast of Crows - The Feast of Crows is one of the oldest Kinships in LOTRO. We are a family type kinship that enjoys questing and crafting together. We are always looking for new members to bring into our middle earth family.
  • Fight on the Space - Members of Fight on the Flag and Temporal Space from other games. We are a mature guild with lots of experience in other games. If you see us running around Middle Earth shoot us a wave.
  • The Forsaken Sanctuary - A kin with a unique foundation having four founding leaders that equally share in managing the kin's mischief (Amirimas, Tayrn, Giston & Gilbranoth) the Forsaken Sanctuary was jointly founded by Amirimas, Tayrn & Giston on 08/11/2011 with the support of many of there closest mates from their previous kin. The Forsaken Sanctuary was formed with intent to create an all-around fun semi-mature social/crafting/grouping kinship for both the newly joined, and well experienced, LotRO players. We have, and accept, many players of all ages/experience and provide a vast wealth of activities, resources and support for all our mates to enjoy Middle-Earth better by playing together. More regularly active players are preferred but all people with a sense of decency and common sense are welcome.
  • The IVth Dynasty - We're up and coming, Dedicated to end game and high tier crafting. Give Fayt or Soprano a tell in game if you're interested. =D
  • Free Folk - A new kinship formed June 2012, by a friendly Hobbit Burglar. Always recruiting members, and anyone is welcome! send a tell in-game to Banbo.
  • The Hokuten Knights - A kinship dedicated to MMOs and RPGs. We recognize that greater things can be accomplished in numbers and strive to generously help each other out. Recruitment is open though immaturity is dealt with. We strive to focus on becoming an end-game raiding kinship.
  • House of Elders - House of Elders is an active kinship designed to provide a place for experienced players interested in seeing high end content at a pace that fits within a real life schedule. We hold events (Raid) at least 3 times a week, are active in PvMP, and much more. We use Ventrillo, have an active website/forum, and are friendly and mature people who like to have a good time. Our kinship house is open to the public and can be found at 2 Waterbank Road, Celos Glorui neighborhood, Falathorn homestead. Stop by and say hi!
  • House Of The Rings - Open kinship with over 500 members, friendly, helpful and mature.
  • Immortal - Immortal is a new kinship on Gladden, established in December, 2010. Founded by an experienced hardcore raider that recently retired from his raiding guild in Everquest, Immortal is currently seeking mature (based on behavior, not age) applicants that are new, intermediate, or experienced MMORPG players that are interested in grouping, questing, and leveling together, with the intent of seeing all of the end-game content available in each expansion. Since we need to build a foundation before we can effectively raid, requirements at this time are simply an interest in our stated goals, the ability to work well as part of a team, and a good sense of humor. If interested, check out our website and send a tell or in game mail to 'Etchfurd'.
  • Keepers of the Ancient Light - A kinship where everyone protects and respects eachother, as well as other players and kinships. If you wish to join, send an in-game tell to Morgerthuc.
  • Keepers of the Spoon - We are a family friendly kin currently recruiting. We accept all ages and love to fellow, craft, socialize, occasionally raid (working on that right now), and most of all have fun.
  • Kindred Spirits - Kindred Spirits, having fun with fellow adults playing a kid's game (Leader: Ryukan / Officers: Wolfhound, Omniverse, Goibhnie, Koloth, Elliott / Website:
  • Knights of the Free Peoples - We are a mature family-style kinship who likes to have fun, answer questions, to help and group with each other with honor. All who fit this profile are welcomed to join. Couples are especially welcome. In fact, my wife Lobeliana (GrandmasWarden, Cambium) enjoys online gaming right along side of me. We will plan Kinship-wide events and raids as we continue to grow and level. We do request, but not expect, all available level-required members to join in these as it will strengthen our relationships & further our character's income missions. We will never place any demands or restrictions on our members.
  • Legion - Legion is a new kinship on the Gladden Server that is currently recruiting. We are a mature group of individuals that come from a long string of MMORPG games. Our last guild was a successful end game raiding guild in World of Warcraft. Before that, we played EQ2 and EQ, Diablo 2, Asheron's Call 2 etc. Our guilds are always raid/end game focused, but we NEVER turn away casual players that can get along with all members. At the end of the day, we all just want to have fun playing the game. If you have any questions about us, feel free to post in the public forums after registering and I'll check back regularly. Otherwise, contact Haunted or Krimok in game on the Gladden server.
  • Lords of Mead - Lords of Mead was founded on the basis of a casual kinship, initially members of Travellers of Ennor, but the core group decided that our vision of 'casual' was different. We're a relatively small group, with the core of officers dedicated to high level crafting (most mastered tier3 before open-beta ended) and out to kick arse, HAVE FUN & PLAY THE GAME...and DRINK MEAD! :D We're a lighthearted bunch of (mostly) guys who don't want to be bogged down with 'drama' or spending our limited gaming hours IM'g ppl...we're all about voice chat and have a vent server. We're currently 'closed' to new members, but we are on the lookout for a dedicated weaponsmith & scholar, or anyone who proves to be invaluable. We'd welcome anyone to fellowship with us if you wanna 'give us a try' and 'force' us to bring you on-board :). We hate gankers, and we have a general policy of being polite about resources, unless you give us a reason not to (like ganking our resources while fighting, etc)...thus please send Qihao any complaints regarding our members and I'll look into it. Good hunting and see you in-game...and DRINK MORE MEAD! ;)
  • Memory of Light - Kinship on Gladden established in 2007. Strong community that has existed outside of LOTRO for a decade. Casual Based Leveling/Raiding Kinship focused on enjoying everything Middle-Earth has to Offer. Always looking for new Friends. Contact Ayka or an Officer in game, or visit our Forums.
  • Nerd Furies - A group of about 8 real-life friends and co-workers, mostly based in Seattle, WA. Except one guy's mother-in-law, who happens to be our highest level player several times over, is somewhere in California.
  • Order of the Silver Serpent - A private non-recruiting kinship paying homage to Ultima. A group consisting of heroes from other worlds, strong emphasis on being fashionable and role-playing. A chatty group, loves being social, with no kin responsibilities (Perfect for Lone Wolves) and a tolerance and acceptance to all ages, genders, sexual orientation and religion.
  • Pandemonium - Pandemonium is proud to be the smallest Kinship on Gladden!
  • Perky Newbs - Perky Newbs is a new Kinship on Gladden. If you are as lost as we are and have no idea what MMORPG stands for, than this kinship is for you! We will probably never be motivated enough to set up a website, so to apply for membership, feel free to send a self addressed stamped envelope to PO Box 1601 St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Or, contact Haldinborn in-game for more information.
  • Phantom Regiment - We are a very tight-knit group. We do not specialize in one area of the game, but will help in almost any of them. We do not do a lot of RP, but are not against the idea. We are open to anyone just submit an application on our web site, or give one of our officers a shout out in the game for an invite. A few of the officer's names are Baraphantom (Leader), Elas (Successor), Almano, Brelaf, Duninn, Elben, Lissette, Javapalooza, Milgor, and Revrandir. Our GamerDNA Kinship Traits are Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Crafting, Family-Friendly, Farming, Social.
  • Pirate Ninjas - A small Minnesota based guild composed of real-life friends. We're a very casual adult guild (mid to late 20's) mainly focused on leveling.
  • Polska Inkwinizacja - EN: A small Polish kinship welcome all Poland Guys PL: Mały Polski kinship wita wszystkich polaków For invite send LotRO mail to Engomarth,Misiael,Daferek ;)
  • Raiders of Rohan ~~ An active kin accepting new members. Established in 2014 and still thriving in 2019. Core players love the game and looking forward to the new content! Casual, new and returning players are always welcome. If you would like an invite send a tell to any of our officers.
  • Ravens Honor - Newly formed kinship, casual, for fun, contact Rathlaf
  • Redeemed - Family safe, fun loving, wonderful group of people. We are moving from WoW to LotrO and can not wait to get people involved. We are RP-friendly, meaning you may or may not RP. We simply want everyone to have a good time with the players behind the characters. NO DRAMA. *smile*
  • Redemption - Redemption is a virtual online gaming community of mature, veteran gamers. We are committed to a friendly, team-centric environment where everyone plays an important role and is not just another player on the roster. By encouraging long term friendships, we provide an enhanced online gaming experience for all of our members. Migrated from Firefoot.
  • Ring Guard of Rivendell - RGR is a small, casual kin whose members enjoy exploration, crafting, and regular instances. We're not big on end game, although we have a few members who are. We have a kin house with all the crafting stations and vault keeper (and, of course, some Kegs!).
  • Ring of Destiny - Ring of Destiny is the LOTRO manifestation of the longtime gaming guild Kismet, Ring of Destiny. Founded by Lord Kismet, the Kismet Team has had hundreds of members throughout the years. Each member is a cherished addition to our team. We are a close-knit, medium-sized, no-RP-required kinship (though we do some light RP). We play for fun, teamwork and the thrill of adventures just beyond the horizon. We enjoy playing in a casual game style. Also our website is an official LOTRO Fansite and displays our long history of adventures together.
  • Sauron's Demise - Sauron's Demise is a casual family oriented kinship with the simple goal of helping each other have fun. We have an open recruitment policy but do maintain high standards through our code of conduct. We strive to maintain a close knit family feel with all our members and with the gladden server at large.
  • Second Breakfast - Second Breakfast is the LOTRO extension of the EQ2 guild "Inner Circle". We are a guild of 18+ year olds (emphasis on the + )who are into a more casual gaming style. We are a close knit, family guild with a NBG philosophy.
  • Shadow Cloaks - Shadow Cloaks is a very friendly and experienced kin that accepts all levels, classes and personalities. Everyone in the kin is friendly and encouraged to ask questions -- as we ALWAYS have the answers.
  • Shadow of Darkness - We welcome everyone in our kin no matter what level you are, there are no restrictions. Our kin is active 24/7 and we love to help each other with anything needed. We love to do skirmishes and gbs (great barrows). We love to have a good time. Also, we have a variety of people of levels, vocations, and classes. We are quite large (over 600 people). We help with quests and we have great resources. Message Realstrider or Bonored in if you are interested in joining.
  • Shadows of the Death - We are recruiting new members of all levels. We try help us in quests, instances, skirmishes, deeds... If you have a question, anyone member of the kinship answer you. We do things fun too. We create followship and talk with the chat of the kinship. Rank 5 and more that 80 members. Are you interesed? Tell or send a mail to Strella.
  • The Storm Crusaders - We would like to welcome you to our social kinship. We often run instances, mostly in a casual context. The Storm Crusaders have been around on Gladden for about three years, with people from all kinds of time zones and currently among the most active on the server. Send a message to Enchantee, Browntom or any other officer if you would like to know more!
  • Swords of the Valar - A new kinship for players of all experience levels. Contact Ironwulf for more information!
  • Travellers of the Rainbow Trail - A small, rank 7 kinship founded on the principles of mutual respect and enjoying the game to its fullest, our doors are open to all mature GLBT/gay-friendly players regardless of class, race, or level. Benefits include a fully decorated house with storage, access to at least Grand Mastery in all crafting professions, and a leader who enjoys helping members level, skirmish, and have fun. Send in-game mail/message to our founder, Wakyn, for an invite or more information.
  • Umbrella Corporation - A small elite band of mercenaries for hire offering custom-engineered solutions for our high-profile clientele and their assets including but not limited to: healing, tanking, and Raid coordination. Our business is life itself.
  • An Unexpected Party - Looking for mature and fun individuals to help build a respectable kinship. The more we grow, the more fun we can have as a group. If you're looking for a laid back kind of kinship that will welcome you if you're a daily player, or a once-in-a-while player, this kinship is for you! Membership information is available from our website.
  • Vanished Moon - A family friendly kin looking for new members. We like to have a lot of fun, and also help each other out with many different things, such as crafting, questing, deeds, etc. Check out our website for our Code of Ethics, and for those interested in joining, send tell or mail to Smeddo or other Officers in game.
  • Warlords of Eriador - A new friendly kinship formed in 2011 for new and old member to learn from each, quest together, craft for each other, and to be able to find a fellowship at anytime. Interested in joining, contact Denmembold, or any of the kin's officers.
  • Warriors of Camelot - A casual group who are online at almost all times of the day. Light RP is encouraged but not required. We craft for each other if you help with mats, and will help you with your quests but we do not power-level. Our kin home has a complete crafting center, vault, vendor & more! Some kinsfolk have been playing the game since 2007 and we always welcome new recruits.
  • We Are..Legend - We are a newly formed kinship currently accepting applications for membership. We are a casual oriented mature group who are always happy to help others. Visit and join from our website or contact Jaykob or Laurenia in world.