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This article is a Kinship information page

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official LOTRO history or occurrences which are accurate for all worlds.
The kinships and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.


'For more specifics on Crickhollow kinships and an up to date list, visit'

  • Aromellon We are a Mature, Casual, Helpful, Fun, and Adult Kinship. Focused primarily on PvE content... Housing, Exploring, Fishing, Festivals, Chatting, Music, Kinship Parties and Events, Helping, Big Battles, Instances, Raids, and Skirmishes. Our goal is to see content at an enjoyable pace that works for players who work, have families and are in college. We were formed and founded on March 3rd, 2009 on Elendilmir Server however, now reside on Crickhollow. We have a Kinship House and offer a voice / text chat server on Raidcall. If you wish to join our Kinship, go to our website and join our messageboard and introduce yourself, fill out a how to join application on our website, or find us on Crickhollow by sending an in-game mail or tell to Faelil (Faegwen, Faelilly), Ararax (Harlbarad, Wictred), Ariko (Balefyre, Ariello) or Samdorr. Happy Huntings and we hope to see you in Middle-Earth.
  • Thunder Riders is a Family-friendly Kinship with a big variety of Players and Crafters. We got Helpful Officers, lots of Events and Kinship runs at mixed levels going on every weekend. We are a Active and Social Kinship that likes to Chat and enjoy the game's experience. We're looking to Recruit all sorts of Players that wants a Humble, and well established place they can call Home. We accept all Levels, Races, Classes, and Experience! We have Discord with different LOTRO references, as well as a Beautiful Kinship House with all of the Crafting Stations included. If you would like to join us, then Send over a Mail ingame, or a /tell to Korre.
  • Bane of Shadows level 9, easy going, mature kinship with helpful members. All classes, levels, and ages welcome. We have supreme crafters of every trade and are willing to help each other. To join send tell/email to Aileena, Dorvithia (Dorvi), or ask any passing member, they will know who is on to send the invite.
  • Black Riders of Elysium is a global kinship of the server Crickhollow. We welcome all races and classes. We have a lot of level 75s' and some nearly level 75. We are rank 10, and have a kinship house. Do you think this sound interesting? Send a ingame mail or tell to Darva or any other officer.
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf We are a rapidly growing kinship of friendly, mature, active players and we want YOU to join us! Follow the link to our homepage to apply!
  • The Company We're a new kinship looking for active, respectful members. We focus on kinship gatherings and social events, with lots of fun games and contests. There's nothing better than a warm fire and some good company, that's why we're The Company.
  • The Council of the Wise Alliance seeking elite minds, and are committed to competitive players to explore t2 instances daily. We strengthen our own and focus on running all content successfully on t2. Will gladly help reach to maximum potential even if you are not maxed out yet. To enter let your drive to be the best at your class lead the way to the joys of leading. Kinship chat is focused on gaming only please. Minimum level to enter is 95 must have completed all epic quests. Raidling ~ May 2015'
  • The Dark Legion - Rank 10 kinship with kinship house with vaulted end-game items to all members, auctions, website and Forum ( We are a kinship currently recruiting all races and all classes. We are a heavily social kinship who love to chat, include humor, and are incredibly active. We're looking for new soldiers to join our ranks. We wish for you to enjoy Middle-Earth as much as possible hence joining us you will find your place. We will guide you through the game and to 95 if needed be. We love to Raid/Skirmish, questing, crafting, etc., and we also do kinship events quite regularly. If you wish to join us, go to our website or find us in Crickhollow. See you in Middle-Earth.
  • Daro a Maetho an all-Elven lore-loving Roleplay kinship with innovative plotlines and class factions. Contact Lossenelenwen, Loenn, Istoril, Galathriel, Ithildir in-game or apply on our website. Need not know a lot about the 'lore' to join initially, we are friendly and happy to teach.
  • Directorate Directorate is a seven year old Rank 10 kinship, formerly from Imladris, now on the Crickhollow server. We have about 25 active players. There are 219 toons on our roster, of which 130 are active, with an equal balance of male and female kin members. Many of us are older players but our defining characteristic is that we are friendly, courteous, and respectful to all within the kin, and as we travel throughout Middle-earth. We maintain a kin forum with the latest news regarding Lotro, an extensive library and discussion forum, and a gallery section to post our screenshots. Many of us work during the day but at night and on weekends we are in Middle-earth. We have an active day presence as well. Directorate is an end game kin but newcomers to Lotro are welcome; we will assist you while you level. Most of us are from the United States however, we have members in Canada, Israel and Europe. We seek focused individuals who are committed to the game. We use Team Speak 3 voice communication. Directorate has an ongoing relationship with players from other kins who join us on our team speak to run raid content. To join Directorate ~ you must send in game mail to Paladiran.
  • Dragon Mythical, powerful creatures are dragons, as long as evil and greed have not touched them. We are one of the few remaining dragons not touched by evil. We have a lifespan Rank 10, many of us are level 75 and many are active during daytime and a few at night. We support each other. We do rp and have many Master Westfold Crafters. Contact Nicotank, Nicossassin, Poko, or Infinien for application. No requirements.
  • Elites of the White City The Elites are a Rank 10 social kinship with around 300 active members currently. We enjoy a good chat and witty banter yet do not allow this to divert us from playing the game. We are looking for active, respectful and mature players to join the family. We host events and competitions monthly with in-game rewards and Sundays are our official group-play days. Although a majority of our players are enjoying leveling and not focusing on end-game content, those of us at end cap are aiming to increase our activities. We enjoy PvMP (and have a Monster Tribe) and running end game raids/instances. Players of all game experience are welcome, we can learn from each other and grow together as a kin. Please contact Lamulfa (our Leader) or find one of the Elites in-game if you wish to join us, Happy Gaming!
  • Frodo's Friends Frodo’s Friends is an active rank 10 social kinship on Crickhollow (formerly from the Windfola server). Open to all races, classes and levels. We focus on helping each other have as much fun as possible! Our kin chat is moderated to provide a lighthearted experience suitable for all ages. After seven years (started in 2011), we have a strong base of long-term, dedicated players who love this game. We offer Belfalas kinhouse + craft stations, weekly events and a multi-kin alliance.
  • Heirs of Middle Earth provides a safe and fun environment for all to level, craft, raid, and participate and the scheduled fun activities. We are an open minded community and welcome respectful leaders and fresh ideas. We are a rapidly growing kin and are very active without overlooking our hardworking lower levels. You are welcome to join and have a positive gaming experience. Come join us and become the best at your class or craft! Norad ~ 2015
  • Hermandad Hermandad is a casual, role-play friendly kin of Spanish-speaking Latino players, and welcome all nationalities who speak Spanish or other languages. We are a friendly community to help all members to know the game, equip your characters. Instances organized in groups, and occasionally raid instances.
  • Kinsmen Club of Bree is a Rank 10 active and casual kinship with friendly and mature members. ‘Serving the Community’s Greatest Need.’ Membership is open to all persons regardless of race, colour or creed.
  • The Legends Alliance are a level 10 kinship centered around community and fun, founded by Diel and led by Tungsten.
  • Lords of Middle Earth A level 10 kinship that is Quest and Craft driven.We work as a team to get past the tough quest.We also help with Craft leveling.There is 0 drama in this kinship , play , have fun and enjoy the game.Tell or mail Tatyoda,Tattooedyoda,Tattooyoda or just ask in GLFF for Tat for invite or any Lords of Middle Earth you my pass by.We run raids with a few other Kins that respect one another.
  • Nazgul Bounty Hunters We are a casual, tight-knit kin that enjoys helping our members with anything that may be needed, including quests, crafting, instances, advice, and more. All classes, races, and levels are welcome. We enjoy being social, befriending our kinmates, and incorporating humorous chat into our playing time. To join please contact any of our members if you see us out saving Middle Earth. To join sooner please contact one of our officers: Negrito, Grapold, Lebrown, Daxon, Nunnya, Tulom, Kolector
  • The Northern Kingdom The Northern Kingdom is a well-established rank 10 kinship on Crickhollow with a core of helpful kinsmen and dedicated officers. Founded by Kaelalas over half a decade ago on the old Imladris server, The Northern Kingdom has established an enduring legacy of success and conviviality. We, the leaders and officers of the Kinship, strive to foster a friendly and active community open to all manner of players; we have a fully-decorated Belfalas kinship house, host regular events, and have an active website and lively kinship chat. As of Fall 2018, we remain active and recruiting! If you wish to join our growing family, please fill out an application on the website above or contact one of our officers in-game.
  • Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band - We are a wandering, long established kinship with ancient beginnings (from the beginning of beta). Our statement of purpose and intent is to help all the good folke of Middle Earth during this difficult time in their history. We are warriors of the highest caliber and take pride in our great sense of adventure. We also believe in a balanced life of not only adventure, but fun!!! We are experienced role players and musicians. We enjoy going to festivals and events. We take great pleasure in playing our tunes near and far and spreading the fun and joy that music can bring. All our music is arranged by our own Agago the Hobbit. Our overall outlook is one of a fun-loving party time!!! We are currently a closed group- but may eventually open into recruiting.
  • QuendeNosse - QuendeNossë means "Elven-family" in Quenya. We're an all-Elven Rank 10 kinship founded in September 2010 by Tur Nimríelen Arqueni Annestel on the former Imladris Server. We moved to Crickhollow Server in November 2015 after the server consolidation and have been happy making new friends here ever since! We welcome old and new Elven players into our family and help each other with all endeavors in Middle-earth. We craft, quest, skirmish/raid, explore, socialize, role-play and in general have a really great time doing what we Elves do best: heal the hurts of Evil upon our beloved Arda. We are open to Elven members of all levels/classes/ages and are always looking for new, friendly and active players. If you're interested in joining us, or learning more, visit our forums at or send a /tell in-game to Nimríelen or any of her Cauns: Aearfin, Aerodolas, Amarniel, Anduilthiel, Angdail, Avorlas, Durgil, Edhelrian, Ellewar, Gelwaver, Helladriel, Kalidrael, Laerlas, Nellilthien, Nephthys, Rianethlin, Shastar, Sheedra, Thirnel, Turvellin, and Vanmoriela.
  • The Ring Seekers The Ring Seekers is a casual kinship at max rank. Our only requirement is to be 18+ years old (in real life).
  • Second Breakfast Second Breakfast is a casual, role-play friendly kin made up of active members committed to an environment of respect among all players. We've been around since the server opened and always strive to maintain a welcoming, helpful environment for our members and all players in the Crickhollow community. We promote a hobbit outlook of sharing food, drink and music, and wish for this attitude to be reflected at all times whether our members are wielding a walking stick or a sword. Our kinship is looking for like-minded individuals with an interest in all aspects of the game. We recommend that you check out our website first, but you may find us in game at Bread & Jam in the Prancing Pony on Fridays at 9pm EDT/ST or Elevenses in the Bird & Baby on Sundays at 11am and Mondays at 11pm. Locate one of our officers any time of day by typing in /who breakfast 1 100
  • The Silver Claw The Silver Claw (TSC) is Lord of the Rings Online kin with over 275 unique members and 400 total characters (including alts) on the server Crickhollow. Despite our large numbers, we pride ourselves on fostering a tight-knit and cooperative community that puts a fervent focus on several core values: respect, kindness and reciprocity. All levels of experience are welcomed; TSC has has a healthy mix of both seasoned, mid-level and beginner players. We enjoy running end-game content just as much as helping out our newer players gear up. Notable Achievements of TSC include: -Lifespan Rank 10 -A Fully decked out Kin house, including: -All Crafting Stations -A door to Mordor -2 Ingredient Crates (One for premium members) -Discounted Supply Vendor -A Stocked Kin Chest -Active use of a Kin-ONLY Auction House -A Discord Server We believe what makes this game remarkable is having a kin to to help you down the road. Please reach out to a member of TSC for more information or post an application for consideration.
  • Swords of Lightis a casual/mature/family friendly kinship that is based upon Biblical values and principles led by the husband and wife team of Rebarty and Annadale. It is made up of friends that love to play MMOs together whether they prefer solo or group questing that value loyalty, honour, and trust. We are not a Christian kinship. Our goal is to bring Christians and Non-Christians together within the gaming community. We do not require members to share our faith or beliefs, but we do ask that a member respect our values. We are not a Raid/PvP kin or a Roleplaying kin; however, some of our members do enjoy those aspects of the game and have the freedom to do so on their own. Many of our members enjoy the no stress environment we have and try to create. The main idea is to make your in game gaming experience the best it can be. More info can be found on the link to our website.
  • The Twin Swords is a casual level 6 kin led by Amaniana. We are open to all members of all levels/classes/races/ages! We are always looking for kind, active players, so if you're interested in joining, or learning more, send a mail to our leader or an officer, such as Cirthrangund. Happy adventuring!
  • The Unexpected Party wants all of its members to have a voice and feel that they can express ideas and opinions without reservation or concern of backlash. It is only through this collaborative attitude that can we ensure that every member knows they are an important part of The Unexpected Party. We promote a friendly and upbeat atmosphere in our Kinship. We want all members to feel welcome. We like to tell jokes and make each other laugh. We do not aim to be offensive or crass. However, if you’re easily offended or tend to take things personally, we may not be the kinship for you. The Unexpected Party is led by a group known as The High Council, and the kinship for the most part is run democratically, apart from the standard Leader ~ Successor ~ Officer setup. Participation on our site is not required, but much of our kinship communication lies and you get many perks from using it. Please note: we guarantee that you will not get spam emails from signing up on our site, you will only receive notifications you choose to receive as well as personal messages. We have our own unique chat channel as well, so if you have characters in other kinships but would like to easily stay in contact with our members, you may do so!
  • Turna Plaustrorum et Villarum: We are a Lifespan Rank 8 kinship, bent on world domination. We boast over 90 members, from our capital in 8 Haven Way, Dol Thent, Falathlorn. Open to anyone and actively seeking members. We are a didaskalarchy: from the Greek "didaskalos," meaning teacher, and "archos," meaning rule, the Turna is committed to teaching newer players the knowledge and secrets necessary to make it in the Lord of the Rings Online world. We are a meritocracy, meaning that leadership is generally based on level and commitment. In terms of diplomacy, we are allied with the kinship Bloodforge, and we seek diplomacy across all of Crickhollow. The Turna is led by Aiyaana Turnaplaustrorum, a guardian jeweller from Dwarrowdelf. As few have risen to the challenge, he is responsible for most of the recruitment and general management (adding "dictatorship" to the list of government qualities). Speak with him if you want to join. We look forward to meeting you and conquering the world piece by piece. All Hall the Turna!
  • The Wanderers Alliance lets members of some of Crickhollow's oldest and most respected kinships gather together to socialise, put together informal groups, and join in casual instances for all levels. We invite laid back players to come to us as individuals or join one of our kinships: Second Breakfast, Seeds & Stems, Enemies of Mordor, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Guardians of Minas Tirith, Last Alliance of Elves & Men, Minas Thenid Society, or Riders of Ravencrest. Speak with Larksong of Second Breakfast if you'd like your kinship to join our alliance.
  • Wicked Mischief is a large, active, helpful, friendly, fun, and knowledgeable Kinship. We do T2c raiding, PvE, PvP, Big Battles, instances, social events, Kin events, and always have a great time. Our Kinship is drama free and has a very positive atmosphere. Everyone is respectful, helpful, gets along great, and we always have fun together. We have a Kinship full of guilded Westemnet crafters, Kinmates of all levels, lots of experienced level 100 players, and Kinmates who have a vast knowledge of how to play the game, raid, and build your character to maximize the benefits from your stats. Whether you are starting out new or you are an experienced player, our Kinship has something for everyone. We take great pride in our Kinship, our Kinmates, and everything that we do.