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Children of Arda
Children of Arda Crest
World: Imladris
Founded: September 10, 2010
Founder: Anariel
Leader: Eledu
Co-leader: Melloncolle Seronade
Kin Hall: 5 Waterbank Road
Homestead: Lant Veran
Region: Falathlorn


Children of Arda is an Elf charter kinship, open to all races and levels.

Children of Arda is the oldest roleplay kinship on the Imladris server. Founded by Anariel, the kinship is a safe haven for all races of Free Peoples fighting against the evils of Middle-earth. It exists especially for those who want to make an impact against the war of this age, but have no intention of joining a formal military unit. At the core of the membership are the Officers of Arda, an independent militia group made up of Dwarves, Men, and Elves, covertly tasked to see to the safety of the Shire.

We encourage camaraderie outside of the game as well. We have occasional voice chats on Skype, and also have a number of members who are fanfic writers and fanart creators. Many of the stories of the characters that they play go beyond the game itself. Because of this, we sometimes hold writing sessions and word wars in Skype.

Children of Arda also hosts 'Arda chat', a custom channel similar to world chat but for RPers. Consider it a safe haven to hang out with friends from our allied kins or our alt kins. RPers from other kins are welcome as well. Arda chat is perfect for finding new people to RP with, but it's also excellent for OOC silliness and relaxing. Contact an officer for more information regarding Arda chat.

Kinship History

Anariel (2010)

During the early founding of the kinship, Anariel wished only for a place where all free peoples could gather and assist each other with their individual goals against the brewing evil. Frequently, the kinship would gather in various places in Breeland to organize. The purpose was much more for comraderie than anything else, as the darkness of places such as Moria and Isengard were yet unknown. (Second-in-command: Grimdan)

Bandoras (2010 - 2012)

As it became more known that evil lurked in corners of Middle-earth that no one expected, Anariel left on her own errands. The kinship was left in the care of Bandoras ‘Stumblefoot’ Brandybuck. Leadership changed the bold Hobbit, who took the post seriously and attempted to overcome many of his fears by charging into lands unknown, such as Angmar and Isengard. Several times during this period, he would turn leadership over to his second-in-command, Lindethiel, until finally she and the other officers decided that it would be for the best if she not transfer leadership back to him. Following this, Bandoras took a much needed leave of absence. (Second-in-command: Lindethiel)

Lindethiel (2012 - 2013)

During the years of Lindethiel’s leadership, it was evident that major battles were on the horizon. It was at this time that Children of Arda restructured and took a more offensive position in the battles of Middle-earth. Many of the Officers of Arda engaged in attacks on orc encampments throughout Angmar, Moria, Isengard, and Eregion. This time was punctuated by Lindethiel’s capture and torture by the servants of Saruman. After her release, she spent much of her time being reflective, and did not much venture out of Falathlorn. (Second-in-command: Zhie)

Zhie (2013 - 2014)

Many months passed before Zhie, second-in-command to Lindethiel and personal friend of the kinleader, approached her about the future of the kinship. By this time, several members had been lost in the wilds without a specific strategy to deal with the situation. Lindethiel agreed to turn leadership over to Zhie and Ellonur. It was during this time that the alliance between Children of Arda and Rising Force was strengthened, with Baynor Proudfoot of Children of Arda joining the Rising Force kinship, and Firiun of Rising Force joining Children of Arda. Ceremonially, each kinship exchanged gifts as well: The shovel of Rising Force and the flowered crown of Children of Arda. Shortly after, Zhie realized that while she might have been more active as a kinleader, her personal desire and oath to aid in the recovery of the silmarils hindered her ability to lead effectively. By the end of that year, she had transferred the leadership to her husband, Vollstag. (Second-in-command: Ellonur)

Vollstag (2014 - 2015)

Leadership of the Children of Arda under Vollstag proceeded very much as it had under Anariel’s leadership. The kin focused less on the war that was being waged and more on the protection of the Shire. It became a place for support, while the Officers of Arda continued to engage in skirmishes in Michel Delving and Bree. The wedding of Cheyennelynne Pruner and Melloncolle Seronade, two long-time members of Children of Arda, made him consider his own family and his desire to spend more time with them. He contacted a former member of Children of Arda, and after a very lengthy discussion that ran well into the night, Vollstag resigned his position as leader. (Second-in-command: Zhie)

Eledu (2015-)

Formerly a member of Children of Arda, Eledu’s connection to the kinship is not without controversy. When Bandoras was leader of Children of Arda, Eledu found he did not agree with all of Bandoras’ opinions. Following a series of letters sent to Bandoras’ then-fiance Yucca Bracegirdle, Eledu and Bandoras engaged in an argument at the Bent Spade (Feorsyer’s Pub) which ended in a physical fight between them. Bandoras broke both of Eledu’s legs, then threw him out of the kinship – the only known time a member of Children of Arda was forced out. Eledu immediately started his own kinship, Something Awesome, which to this day remains a small yet strong kinship of crafters engaged in commerce. Though Eledu has not been leader of Children of Arda for very long, he brings with him many years of sustained experience as a kinleader. His plan is to refocus the energy of the kinship, to establish a better presence in the Ettenmoors, and to forge alliances with other kinships who are of like mind. And of course, to return to the days of comraderie between member of kins in order to boost morale. (Second-in-command: Melloncolle)


We pride ourselves on keeping the game enjoyable and safe; to that end, membership requires that you speak with one of our officers to assure that you're the 'right fit' for the atmosphere we're trying to create, and that we are the right fit for you. We're more interested in making friends and getting them into the best possible kin than we are with boosting the numbers of our membership. However, if we seem like a kin you'd love to be part of, we'd love to have you join us! All new members are expected to review our rules before joining. Once you've done that, follow the five fabulous steps below:

  1. Read our rules. There won't be a quiz, but you're expected to generally know them.
  2. Fill out the application on our site.
  3. Send an email to the recruitment officer (zhiester @ letting her know when you usually play (days/times) and the name of the character you wish to be contacted on, OR, Contact one of the following characters in-game: Eledu, Melloncolle, Cheyennelynne, Culgondrian, Fannir, Firiun, Grannie, Leofreda, Valarda, Vollstag, or Zhie (this version of step three is usually faster)
  4. We have a little interview time. This is time not only for us to ask you stuff, but for you to ask us stuff. It's very informal, like a getting-to-know you session.
  5. If both parties are feeling good, then you'll be offered an invitation and start as a recruit. (Recruits can move to kinsmember after two weeks once they have a character bio up and have RPed with an officer.)

Hope to see you in Arda soon!


List of Officers who can be contacted in-game, especially for recruiting purposes:

  • Eledu, Tur of the Children (Kinleader) [alts: Zhie; Valarda]
  • Melloncolle, Caun of the Children (Second-in-Command) [alts: Vollstag; Skynyrd; Pengolod; Licia; Blackodiak; Olorel]
  • Cheyennelynne, Caun of the Children
  • Fannir, Caun of the Children
  • Firiun, Caun of the Children
  • Grannie, Caun of the Children [alts: Culgondrian; Draughenwe; Eirswith; Flitch]
  • Leofreda, Caun of the Children

The following are our Reserve Officers. These members served long-term as officers and may either have joined different kinships or are just not on frequently, but may still be able to offer information if encountered in-game:

  • Anariel, Einior of the Children (Founder)
  • Lindethiel, Caun of the Children [alts: Lithodora; Coadex; Yucca]
  • Grimdan, Caun of the Children
  • Helegwen, Caun of the Children
  • Baythul, Caun of the Children
  • Ellonur, Caun of the Children
  • Merrila, Caun of the Children

Other Links


As a fanfic author / fanart creator friendly kinship, we encourage our members to continue the story outside of the game. To that end, we have an archive set up to collect these works, which can also be posted on our kin site.