Shire Traveller

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Deed Lore

Speak with the creatures of the Shire.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Speak with Fang
You have spoken with Fang.
Speak with Grip
You have spoken with Grip.
Speak with Wolf
You have spoken with Wolf.
Speak with the fox
You have spoken with the fox.
Speak with Old Sally
You have spoken with Old Sally.


Additional Information

This deed is only available during the chicken session play Instance: Free Range.

Completing this deed is a requirement for obtaining the title Crosser of Roads
Fang: 'I would welcome a fight with wolves, but I'll have no more of that Black Rider...that one was unnatural!'
Grip: 'Oh for the days when pursuing moles and wayward hobbit-lads were our common pasttimes.'
Wolf: 'I am beginning to think that the rumours of wolves are nothing more than that, but that Black Rider was very real!'
Fox: 'You are running for freedom? The world has indeed gone mad! You are either brave or foolish, rooster. Begone before I eat you and rid the world of a mad chicken!'
Old Sally: 'If you could help me find my way back to the farm, perhaps I might convince one of the local dogs to help you.'