Sheep Farmer

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Sheep Farmer
Image of Sheep Farmer
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire


Sheep Farmers are found throughout the Shire. One more outspoken is found at The Plough and Stars tavern in Brockenborings, chatting with some friends.

NPC Dialogue

Sheep Farmer: "Well, if it isn't Reginard Took!"
Sheep Farmer: "Reginard! How long has it been since you were last in Brockenborings?"
Visiting Took: "Too long, my friends, too long!"
Sheep Farmer: "Go on, tell us about your travels, Reginard."
Visiting Took: "Well, if you're sure you want to hear the story..."
Miner From Scary: "I don't. We've got troubles enough without worrying about foreign parts."
Sheep Farmer: "Don't listen to him. We love your stories!"
Sheep Farmer: "He's just upset about all the spiders in his quarry."
Miner From Scary: "You'd be upset if the vile things started interfering with your livelihood, too!"
Visiting Took: "It was a warm day in early Spring, and my feet were itching for a walk."
Visiting Took: "All my usual haunts were too familiar. I wanted Adventure!"
Miner From Scary: "Ha! You've gone soft in the head, if you weren't to begin with!"
Visiting Took: "Could be, could be. Still, I wanted something. I wanted excitement!"
Sheep Farmer: "Did you find it?"
Visiting Took: "It found me, Posco! But my throat's a little too dry to keep talking..."
Sheep Farmer: "Let me buy you a drink, Reginard!"