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Image of Seoca
Title Riding Instructor
Gender Male
Race Race of Man
Region East Rohan
Area The Wold
Settlement Harwick
Map Ref [38.8S, 52.6W]

Quest Involvement


  • Controls: How do I mount my War-steed?
    Your War-steed mount skill can be found in your Skill panel, under the Mounts tab, and can be used like a regular mount skill.
    When you mount your War-steed, your skill bar swaps out to the Mounted Combat Skill bar, which is initially populated by any mounted combat skills you have learned.
    For the purposes of this tutorial, only a basic combat skill and your mounted disciplines are unlocked.
    Thank you.
  • Controls: How do I control my War-steed?
    Your War-steed handles differently than your regular mount.
    Hold the Forward/Back keys (default: W/S) to increase or decrease your War-steed's speed, and it can take a short time to reach full speed. You can reduce your War-steed's speed to a full stop quickly by double tapping the Back key.
    Turning is executed using the Left/Right keys (default: A/D), or by holding your Right Mouse Button and looking in the direction you wish to turn.
    Your steed's ability to turn is limited by how fast you are moving. Up to a trot (about 1/2 speed) your steed will retain its full turning ability -- above trot, and particularly at a full gallop, you will find your ability to turn to be substantially reduced.
    Tip: Some people -- particularly those who control their avatar exclusively with the mouse -- find it easier to control their mount if it is set to automatically slow down when they are not pushing to move. The 'War-steed Auto-slowdown' option can be found in the Combat Options panel.
    Thank you.
  • Controls: How do I use mounted skills?
    Your mounted combat skills are found in your character skill panel, under the Active skills tab, in you class' Mounted Skill category. As you learn these skills, they will automatically be placed in your mounted combat skill bar.
    For the most part, mouned combat skills work identically to normal skills, you may now queue skills when your intended target is out of range. A queued skill activated automatically the moment the target enters a legal range or arc. Using queued skills in this fashion frees you up to focus on steering your mount.
    Note that some mounted combat skills will require your mount's power in addition to or instead of your own.
    Thank you.
  • UI: What are my mount vitals?
    Your mount has its own vital display, with endurance and power bars that behave essentially the same way yours do.
    If your mount's endurance reaches zero, you will be dismounted.
    If your mount's power runs out, you will be unable to use any skills that rely upon it.
    While mounted all attacks that strike you will split their damage between you and your mount (usually at a ration of 70%/30%), increasing your resilience to attacks. Be warned that some enemy attacks may damage your mount directly, ignoring you in an attempt to quickly dismount you.
    The red bar at the bottom of the mount vitals is your mount's Fury display which is a special resource for mounted combat.
    Thank you.
  • UI: What is Fury?
    As your mount accelerates, you'll notice a red bar filling in the mount HUD - this is your mount's Fury.
    Fury is a representation of your mount's power and momentum as it gains speed, and it increases the effectiveness of most of your skills as it increases.
    Your mount will lose Fury as it slows down, and regain it when it speeds back up. Some of your most powerful skills also require and consume Fury, but your mount will quickly recover the lost Fury as long as you maintain your speed.
    Thank you.
  • Traits: How do I manage my War-steed's traits?
    Pressing Shift+M will bring up your Mounted Combat UI, under which you will find the Traits tab. This panel allows you to spend trait points on various mount upgrades.
    Trait points are earned by levelling your War-steed, by engaging in mounted combat, and completing quests that reward Mount XP.
    Trait points are spent in this panel to upgrade your mount's abilities, and to unlock new mount skills.
    Only the Medium mount is available to you initially.
    Thank you.
  • Tactics: How do I fight from horseback?
    Combat from horseback is often best executed using a few very powerful attacks to dispatch an enemy, delivered at full speed and allowing a few seconds in between to recover Fury or allow your best attacks to come off cooldown.
    Staying in motion during battle allows you to avoid the majority of enemy attacks, while delivering your own at full power, thanks to the Fury bonus.
    In some cases you may ride in wide arcs, while in others you may want to slow and turn suddenly to come back around on your opponent, depending on the situation.
    Thank you.
  • Tactics: How do I deal with enemies?
    Mounted opponents may ride in different patterns, depending on their combat tactics.
    Pay attention to your enemies and note how they behave - you'll find that different opponents call for different tactics on your part.
    Ranged enemies who flee when you approach can often be pursued at slower speeds and dispatched quickly, while enemies who pursue you doggedly may call for more evasive tactics to avoid being overwhelmed by them.
    Thank you.
  • Tactics: How do I avoid being overwhelmed?
    When riding at speed and fighting, it is easy to lose track of where you are going and blunder into additional enemies.
    Always be aware of what lies ahead! Attracting the attention of more enemies is far more dangerous than missing an attack or turning around the long way to reach your current enemy!
    When in doubt, do not be afraid to use your mount's speed to escape and recover.
    Thank you.