Scouting Dwarf

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Scouting Dwarf
Image of Scouting Dwarf
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Zirakzigil
Interior Mukhful Thurkh


Scouting Dwarf is a dwarf sent ahead into the cave of Mukhful Thurkh, in the cliffs of Zirakzigil. He is knowledgeable about the workshop of Melkólf Stonecarver and the dwarves' excavation of it.

Quest Involvement

The Scouting Dwarf is present in the cave for the quest [60] Instance: The Lost Workshop.


"Careful, friend. The goblins have returned to this tunnel, and you'll have a fight on your hands all the way to the workshop, if that be where you're headed."
<name>: 'Tell me about this place.'
Scouting Dwarf: 'This tunnel was excavated not long after the Iron Garrison came to Khazad-dûm, and we found the workshop of an ancient sculptor at the end of it. The door was blocked such that we could not open it from the outside; this tunnel is the only entrance until we get that cleared. Goblins have crept back in while our guard was relaxed, and now the tunnel is full of the creatures. You'll want to be careful of them, friend.'
<name>: 'I see.'
<name>: 'There are goblins in this tunnel?'
Scouting Dwarf: 'Aye, and Orcs too. They seem to be searching for treasure of some kind, as their kind often do, but they'll find little to interest them here, or in the workshop at the end of the passage. Whatever treasures the sculptor Melkólf Stonecarver kept in his workshop have long since been taken or lost to time.'
<name>: 'I fear no goblins.'
<name>: 'Have you heard about Zurr-thurkh?'
Scouting Dwarf: 'What's that, the 'secret road?' No, I cannot say it is familiar to me. If you're looking for some record of it among Melkólf Stonecarver's notes, I have some bad news for you: the Orcs and goblins have scattered many of the pages they found in his workshop throughout the tunnel, whether by design or happenstance I do not know. If you are to search all of the pages for mention of Zurr-thurkh, you will need to keep your eyes open.'
<name>: 'I'll find them all.'