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Image of Rochwen
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region The Lone-lands
Area Talath Gaun
Location The Last Bridge
Map Ref [33.4S, 23.0W]


Rochwen is an Elf-scout of Rivendell tasked with watching over the Great East Road. She is currently encamped at The Last Bridge, along with her good friend, Alphlanc. Her name, Rochwen, means "Horse Maiden" in Sindarin.

Quest Involvement


  • "My friends Fimgris and Narlinn can be found at Thorenhad."
  • "Barachen, Alphlanc, and I watch for threats in the South Trollshaws."
  • "Imladris is far to the east, beyond the Bruinen."
  • "The sons of Elrond maintain a camp at Thorenhad to the north-east."
  • "Some fell disease is at work among the beasts of the Trollshaws."
  • "The cave-claws of Ost Dúrgonn grow more aggressive every day."