Rhosthon's Flower

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Item Information

Rhosthorn's Flower


You have found the flower of Rhosthon. It is believed that she was once an Entwife who stood with vigilance over her gardens. None could approach without her knowledge, and those with evil intent would feel her gaze upon them and flee.
She passed into the Old Forest many long years ago and became part of the forest, granting her keen senses to the trees and creatures herein that evil might not approach unseen, for those were dark days and few places remained that were untouched by the power of Sauron.
The flowers are said to mark the place where she disappeared into the forest and seem to have been tended by someone.


Rhosthorn's flower is located at Dire Glade. [32.0S, 61.0W]


This flower is one out of eight that need to be used to complete the deed: Flowers of the Old Forest.