Return to Enedwaith

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Return to Enedwaith-icon.png
Return to Enedwaith
  • Induction: 10s
  • Thanks to your friendship with the Men of Enedwaith, you're able to quickly return to Nan Laeglin in Enedwaith
  • Cooldown: 1 Hour

All Races: Reputation Item (Common Skill)

This skill is granted to any race upon achieving Kindred status with the Algraig, Men of Enedwaith.

  • A Scroll Return to Enedwaith is "bartered" from Mabon, Algraig Rewards Vendor inside The Hall of Making for 20 Silver Tokens of the Wilds and 20 Gold Tokens of the Wilds.
  • The Scroll is Bind on Acquire (BOA).
  • Double clicking on this scroll gives the skill. (The skill appears in your "Skills Panel" under "Common Skills.")
  • Kindred Reputation with Algraig, Men of Enedwaith is required to acquire the skill and for use.
  • Cool down is one hour and is independent of other "Return To" skills
  • This skill can now be used while in combat.
  • Use of this skill takes you adjacent to the Milestone, outside The Hall of Making, in Lhanuch [66.5S, 17.2W].

All Races can purchase this skill from the LOTRO Store

This skill can also be purchased from the LOTRO Store for 295 LOTRO Points (LP). [Travel & Housing - Maps & Skills - Travel Skills]

  • When purchased from the LOTRO Store, this skill can be used by any character and any race above level 50 and it does not require any reputation standing.

The skill appears in your "Skills Panel" under "Common Skills."

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