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Healing 4-icon.png
  • Thank you for being a VIP and your continued support of LOTRO!
  • +100% Experience Gain on Monster kills, Crafting, Quest Completions, Legendary Item and Mounted Combat XP.
    Earned crafting experience is increased by 25%.
    +25% Mark Acquisition


This in-game effect is awarded at random times to all VIP players by LOTRO.
It is similar to the effect: Healing 4-icon.png Welcome Back Weekend
  • It was first active on 20 November 2015 with Update 17.
  • Acive 17-20 March 2016 -- posted in the "Official Spring/Summer Events Schedule" as: 17 - 20: VIP Events -Boosts
  • it appears to be scheduled for May 20-22, 2016
  • Scheduled for: 5/25/2017@10am to 5/30/2017@3am