Quest Talk:Troves and Trickery -- Thorin's Hall

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2009 and earlier

2009 edition walkthrough

In prior editions of the Harvestmath, the targets of this quest were different:

Dwalin (At the throne in the Hall of Kings)
Even though I lead here, there are times I really wish I could throw a terrible fit.

  • Emote: /tantrum

Adwyn Flame-eye (Bowyer in the Hall of Kings)
Before the orcs hacked my leg, I had the fiercest excercises -- somersaults, sit-ups, push-ups, I did them all.

  • Emote: /pushups

Egil Oldbeard (next to supplier in Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall)
You are such a little whelp. I bet your the strength of your arm is not much more than that of a small goblin's!

  • Emote: /flex

Kaupi or Farmann or Fathi (Auctioneers, in Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall)
In the old days, I led the charge into battle against the goblins and Orcs. Such fond memories.

  • Emote: /charge

--Zimoon (talk) 08:26, 26 December 2011 (EST)