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There seems to be a misplaced quest in the chain. When I finished the quest 'Evidence of Foul Play', Gadda did not have a new quest. Looking around, Tatwine did - 'A Better Future'. When I had completed that quest, Gadda had this quest 'The Story Behind the Death' to bestow. I have insufficient expertise to modify the chain. Agathriel (talk) 00:27, 9 January 2015 (UTC)

After completing "Change for the Worst" two quests open up: "Thinking Ahead" (given by Gadda), and "A Better Future" (given by Tatwine). There is a chance that Tatwines' "A Better Future" doesn't have to be completed for the next step of the chain to unlock, and then he should still have that quest available further along the chain to be finished before the last part of the chain opens up :) --Taivas (talk) 02:36, 20 June 2017 (UTC)