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Walkthrough needs help!!!

Please note the Walkthrough and Notes section:

  • This Session Play can be extremely difficult if you do not have experience playing "a Thrymm" in Mounted Combat. Your skill set is quite different when compared to other classes.
  • The best tactic is to simply mount up; stand in front of Edsig and Gárferth and spam your skills. (The AOE is huge!)
  • You can't really "ride around" and take on Orcs one at a time there are too many of them followed by a couple of Trolls. Edsig and Gárferth tend to die before you kill enough!
  • You have a the following skills while mounted on your Medium War-steed, in Quickslots 1-7, ordered by increasing Cool-down, left to right:
QS 1 -- Mounted Strike -- max 8 targets; +1 Fervour; 4,910 Common Damage
QS 2 -- Swift Cut -- max 8 targets; +1 Fervour; 6,138 Common Damage
QS 3 -- Sundering Blow -- max 8 targets; +1 Fervour; 7,366 Common Damage
QS 4 -- Destabilizing Strike -- max 8 targets; Removes all Fervour; 8,839 Common Damage
QS 5 -- Horn Blast -- max 8 targets; Removes all Fervour; 16,369 - 21,825 Light Damage
QS 6 -- Recuperate -- Removes all Fervour; duration 4 seconds -- increases damage dealt by 10%
QS 7 -- Discipline: Red Dawn
Note: unlike with your personal war-steed, you must explicitly activate Red Dawn

I have called Thrymm's class -- "a Thrymm" -- as I have no experience with tank-types.

I'm guessing he is a Guardian but don't know about the mounted traits I've listed are class specific "session play specific" or generally available.

All I know is that neither my Hunter, Lore-master nor Rune-keeper have those skills.

If anyone has a better description for the walkthrough, please edit this text. I only know that I only managed to kill about 20 orcs before Edsig died, and the Session Play ended the first time I ran it.

Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 23:41, 25 May 2013 (EDT)

He's a Champion - all the same mounted skills and the Fervour mechanic. When I played I rode out to circle the mobs and the NPCs never entered the fight - as long as you keep moving, Recuperate is enough to keep you alive.
Eggolass (talk) 07:34, 28 May 2013 (EDT)