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Different bestowal dialogue

I'm watching a walk-through from November 2014, for a Human Lore-master, so I don't know whether that's significant. In any case, the text goes thus-wise:

'It has taken a great while, <name>, but at last the preparations are complete. The Malledhrim, the Golden Host of Lothlórien, are now ready to cross the river Anduin and assail the forces of Dol Guldur.
'I do not yet know the specifics of the plan, friend <class>, but it seems the Golden Host is to have two objectives: to bring battle to the Enemy in Dol Guldur at a time of our choosing, before he can attack the woods of Lothlórien in force, and to exchange Mazog, the prisoner of the Iron Garrison, for the captives in the dungeons of Dol Guldur.
'Your aid has been requested for both of these aims. Go now to Imlad Lalaith on the shores of the Anduin and speak to Braiglinn there. He will recount to you details of each plan.'

Should this be added to the article as an alternative, or is this a whole new version of the text? —NotACat (talk) 14:23, 30 November 2015 (UTC)