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Dialogue from Hildegard for Minstrels:

Hildegard says, "May I ask what adventuring discipline you call your own?"

I am the finest of minstrels.

(Dialog box says "Hildegard looks at you silently, the corner of her mouth turned upwards with amusement." This part might be common, response button text was "Well?")

Hildegard says, "Do you restore the hope of your friends, or bolster your own reputation?"
Hildegard says, "A true minstrel sings for, and of, others."
Hildegard says, "When days are dark, you will inspire their hearts with songs of victory and hope."
Horn says, "This is no far-sight. Any who look at <name> could tell this."
I am a simple minstrel. Music is my trade.

(Didn't note the response button text here, but dialogue box was the same.)

Hildegard says, "You wish not to boast? Must I look to other minstrels to learn of your skill?"
Hildegard says, "No. The bard with the most impact lets the song sing for itself."
Hildegard says, "That tells me much."
Horn says, "It tells me that you see only what the rest of us do, and no more."
I have nothing to say.

(Same dialogue, button says "Yes?")

Hildegard says, "You remain silent, but still I can tell much about you."
Hildegard says, "You sing songs of inspiration to bolster the spirits of your fellows, and they fight on."
Hildegard says, "Their defeats are short-lived, much like the foes they face on their return."
Hildegard says, "Without your songs of hope and perseverance, they would fall."
Horn says, "This is no gift of far-sight. Any who see <name> could say these things."

And other diague later in the scene which I guess isn't class-specific...

Hildegard says, "<name>, do you believe in my gift?"

I believe in your gift.

(Common dialogue box again: "Hildegard remains silent, her expression a mystery." Response is "I do.")

Hildegard says, "I thank you for the kindness, <name>."
Hildegard says, "Most of my kunsmen do not believe in such things."
Hildegard says, "Herubrand is unusual in that regard, and in others."
Nona says, "I know the truth of your gift, Hildegard. My people are well-versed in such mysteries."
Nona says, "Horn simply does not understand."
I do not know if it is a gift.

(I didn't catch the response-button text, but the dialogue box was the same.)

Hildegard says, "You see much, <name>. Few folk understand the truth of it."
Hildegard says, "Is it a gift to know what comes? Or is it a burden?"
Hildegard says, "I cannot choose what I see, and often it fills me with fear and sorrow.
Nona says, "But it is a gift, Hildegard. With this sight I could set many things aright."
I do not believe you at all.

(Button says "Not at all.")

Hildegard says, "You are in good company, <name>, to share your friend's disbelief."
Nona says, "I have seen enough in this world to know the truth of your gift, Hildegard."
Nona says, "My people are well-versed in such mysteries."
Nona says, "<name> and Horn simply do not understand."

Whew. This is why I don't do Project:Quests, haha. Sethladan 04:26, 24 December 2013 (UTC)