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This quest used to be started at Elrond's Library in Rivendell.

The old quest text:

Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Glóin's concerns are well-founded. A scout was dispatched to Goblin-town and has yet to return to Rivendell.

'I fear he may have been captured by the goblins. If this is true, then I can only hope that he lives still and is kept somewhere in the prisons within Goblin-town.

'Should you find him, do what you can to see him to safety. His name is Aeglas.'


Elrond believes that a scout sent to the north has become a prisoner of the goblins of Goblin-town.

Objective 1

Seek out Aeglas in Goblin-town, to the North of Rivendell, in the MIsty Mountains.

Elrond explained that he dispatched an Elf to investigate the stirrings of goblins from their mountain stronghold at Goblin-town. Fearing that Aeglas has been captured, he hopes that you may yet find him alive within the depths of the goblin city.

Elrond: 'Aeglas went to Goblin-town...I fear he may have been captured. Find him quickly and rescue him, if it proves he needs it.'
Aeglas: 'I think you and Master Elrond for your concern, but I am in no imminent danger.
'The goblins are strong foes, but not so strong that I cannot leave this place. yet, there is much that we may do together.'