Quest:Wood from the Emyn Ernil

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Wood from the Emyn Ernil
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Falastír
Starts at Narvindon
Start Region Cape of Belfalas Homesteads
Map Ref [92.7S, 62.4W]
Quest Group Western Gondor: Belfalas
Quest Chain Cape of Belfalas
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You know, I am the type that finds being outside and doing some manual labor to be the most relaxing thing. If you feel the same way, there are many trees growing along the slopes of the Emyn Ernil. We are always in need of wood to keep us cozy when those cold breezes come up off the waters. If you are staying a while, chop away, and bring back what you can!'


Falastír, the keeper of the Cape of Belfalas lighthouse, could use some wood from the Emyn Ernil.

Objective 1

  • Chop trees on the slope of the Emyn Ernil (0/10)

Trees can be found on the slopes of the Emyn Ernil.

You should chop down some trees to collect wood.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Falastír

Falastír is located at the lighthouse on the Cape of Belfalas.

You should bring Falastír the wood you gathered on Emyn Ernil.

'You look more relaxed already! Thank you for the wood. I hope you stay a while longer. Always good to have an extra hand around here and someone to share a story or two!'