Quest:Witnessed Accounts

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Witnessed Accounts
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Cyneberg
Starts at Dunfast's Refugees
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [38.7S, 67.1W]
Ends with Cyneberg
Ends at Dunfast's Refugees
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [38.7S, 67.1W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: Whitshaws
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I think we should ask these people what they saw that made them leave. Perhaps one of them knows aught of the artifact you seek.

'I do not suppose they will have any news of Thrymm, but no matter. We must see to the artifact first.'


Cyneberg wants you to ask the people who escaped Dunfast what they saw.

Objective 1

  • Ask refugees if they say any artifact (0/5)

The refugees are huddled in their tiny camp south-west of Dunfast.

You should ask the refugees if they observed any relic to cause the ice-spire to appear where Núrzum sat.

Cyneberg: 'If I were to guess, these people need our help...but so does Thrymm! What should we do, *<name>*?
'Please hurry and find out everything you can about the artifact....'
Herethryth: 'We left our cows behind, all of them! Those poor beasts... what became of them? We have always worked so hard to protect them, and they have thanked us by giving us milk, but we left them to fend for themselves!
'If only we had thought to bring them when we ran, but it was all such a terrible blur!'
'<name>': 'Have you heard of any unusual relics?'
Herethryth:' 'I am sorry, but no. I know nothing of such things.'
<name>: 'A shame.'
<name>: 'Did you get a look at Núrzum?'
Herethryth:' 'Nay; the snow was too heavy. But... we could hear him. He was laughing. He sounded happy. No sound ever made me more afraid.'
<name>: 'Terrible.'
Herethryth thinks of nothing but the poor cows that were left behind when the villagers fled

Léofburg: 'Artifact? I have seen no artifact, and I did not see the giant who drove us off! Only a violent blizzard, and a terrible ruckus.
'Now we are here, freezing every night with no fire. My fool neighbors will not let me be warm! We will all die of cold, mark my words.'
<name>: 'Have you heard of any unusual relics?'
Léofburg: 'No,no! We are hungry, stranger, and cold. We will die here, and you ask me of relics?'
<name>: 'I am sorry.'
<name>: 'Did you get a look at Núrzum?'
Léofburg: 'No, he was behind us while we ran. I do not even think he chased us. He was pleased to watch us run in fear.'
<name>: 'I see.'
Léofburg saw nothing, and only rants about the bitter cold

Ludeca: 'You ask strange questions of such desperate people, stranger. We saw nothing but our own shame as we fled our homes. Never have I been so afraid.
'No, I saw nothing, and can barely remember anything of that day, for I have never been so hungry or cold in my life!'
<name>: 'Have you heard of any unusual relics?'
Ludeca: 'I do not know this word.'
<name>: 'Never mind.'
<name>: 'Did you get a look at Núrzum?'
Ludeca: 'Do you call me a coward? Say what you mean at once stranger!
'No, I did not look upon the giant. You would be wise to stay away.'
<name>: 'Aha. Well...'
Ludeca is so hungry, cold, and afraid that he can recall nothing helpful

Gifemund: 'I think we are doomed to starve here, stranger. It is very unfortunate that you did not come with provisions for my folk.'
'The harvest has been mostly taken by the frost. I would go back and search for food, but I dare not risk my life on so slim a chance.'
<name>: 'Have you heard of any unusual relics?'
Gifemund: 'This is no time for relic-lore, fool. Do we look like the sort of folk who would fancy pretty things?
'Keep your mind on important matters: food, water, shelter, warmth. A warrior such as yourself has no need for relics.'
<name>: 'Indeed.'
<name>: 'Did you get a look at Núrzum?'
Gifemund: 'I did not see him, and I did not wish to see him. Forthere wanted a better look so that we could fight him, but we did not let him go.'
<name>: 'Aha. Well...'
Gifemund believes the harvest has been spoiled by frost, and his folk starve without food

Forthere: 'Do not bother to stop and help this lot of cowards! Anyone who abandons their homes without fighting deserves just this: to be stranded, cold and homeless.
'These silly wretches fled, and dragged me with them, for they did not want me angering the enemy. They broke my door, knocked me down when I put up a fight, and then I woke up here.'
As one who barely survived a harrowing encounter with Núrzum, you can only shake your head at this man's foolishness.
<name>: 'Have you heard of any unusual relics?'
Forthere: 'Relic? Bah, I do not understand you.
'Will you help me fight the invaders? I do not want to freeze with the other cravens.'
<name>: 'Never mind.'
<name>: 'Did you get a look at Núrzum?'
Forthere: 'Not even a glance. There was... cold. Snow. He was near, but he did not come. And the cowards turned and ran.'
<name>: 'Wise of them.'
Forthere does not understand how lucky he is to be alive, and hates his neighbours for saving him

Objective 2

Cyneberg is at the refugee's hideout south-west of Dunfast.

You should speak with Cyneberg.

Cyneberg: 'They cannot help us in this state, but we can certainly help them. I suppose I must put aside my search for Thrymm for the moment...

'Let us start by saving these people from a cold and hungry death. Maybe then they can better remember what happened the day they ran away.'