Quest:Walking Shell

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Walking Shell
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Cranniel
Starts at Narvindon
Start Region Cape of Belfalas Homesteads
Map Ref [92.2S, 62.4W]
Quest Group Western Gondor: Belfalas
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'That is my dog Shell. She loves travelling everywhere with me. It looks like she wants to go for a walk! I am taking a break, but if you would like to take Shell for a walk, and if Shell would like to take a walk with you, you are more than welcome!'

Cranniel turns to Shell.

'Do you want to walk with this nice <race>? You are a good dog! Yes, you are!'


Cranniel, a passing merchant, could use a rest, while her dog, Shell, could use a walk.

Objective 1

  • Use your whistle to see if Shell is ready to walk


  • Use the whistle to summon your new friend for a walk

Shell the dog sits next to Cranniel.

You should see if the dog is ready for a walk.

Objectives 2-9

  • Walk Shell along the Cape road


  • Use the whistle to summon your new friend if you become separated

Walk Shell along Cape Road, which runs along the coast of the Cape of Belfalas.

Shell sniffs at the lovely breeze
Shell stares at the gulls off the coast, but knows better than to chase them
Shell looks out at the shimmering sea
It looks as if Shell is ready to start heading back
Shell smells the sea air and feels invigorated
Shell is having a great time on this walk
Shell watches the boats in the distance
You tell Shell that she is a good dog

Objective 10

  • Finish your walk with Shell

It looks as if Shell has had a good walk and is ready for a nap.

Objective 11

  • Talk to Cranniel

'I hope she was no problem for you. She is a sweet dog, though starting to get on in years. Age certainly does not stop me from loving her though!'